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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Comedy Gold (Update x2: SEC has a Porn Problem and We Meet the Man from the Video)

You have to see this video of a man on a financial show talking while a man in the background works diligently at the computer...  and looks at soft core porn.

Don't worry, its too blurry to get you in trouble at work...  except for the fact that if you are watching it, you are officially goofing off.

Update:  Apparently this is going around.  The SEC (that would be those people who are supposed to keep Wall Street from fucking up), has found out that many of its workers are viewing, or attempting to view porn on work time.  Here’s the money quote:

The work computer of one regional supervisor for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission showed more than 1,800 attempts to look up pornography in a 17-day span

You know, I should be mad.  But I guess I am just amused.

Update (II): We get to meet the man in the video, here.  And I will note that my chief objection if I was his boss was not the porn aspect, but the "goofing off" aspect.