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Friday, February 5, 2010

If this is True John Edwards is Apparently a Bigger Dick than We Realized

The National Inquirer says now that he beat Elizabeth Edwards.  Yeah, I know it’s the Inquirer, but, um, haven’t they been the most accurate on this guy?

Well, you can evaluate for yourself what you think of this charge.  If true, it only shows us that this vile man was even more evil than we thought.

And I won’t beat up Democrats for supporting him.  There were lots of good reasons why he shouldn’t have been Vice President, but none of them related to his cheating or (alleged) beating.  The best you can say is that you might expect it from a person who was so demonstrably narcissistic.  But yeah, we all should feel extra glad we dodged his political bullet.

What an ass.  Even if he was innocent of beating Elizabeth, what an ass.