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Monday, February 1, 2010

Scott Brown for President? Don’t be a Fucking Idiot

We have seen this more than once before.  The latest is Barbra “What Kind of Tree Would you be” Walters, who never found a famous person with whom she didn’t act like she wanted to fellate on camera.  I mean her sucking up really goes beyond ideology.  You can view her asking him about the idea of running for president here.

Now she says he “doesn’t rule it out.”  I think in normal speak he did rule it out, but Brown is a politician, so who knows?

But let me say right here, right now.  Don’t do it, Republicans.  Scott Brown is an okay guy.  I cheered when he won the Senate race.  But here is the thing.  Do you remember the last time we picked a president whose résumé was summed up with a few years as a state senator, and part of a term as a U.S. Senator?  Do you know who the last President was who had so little experience?

Barrack Obama.  How is that working out for you, Republicans?

Hell, how is that working out for anyone?

The fact is résumés matter.  Let me tell you how I decide who to vote for, for president.  I start with their previous work experience.  I prefer someone to have some administrative experience.  In my mind, the best preparation to be the president is to be a governor first: it’s almost the same job, only on a smaller scale.  But I am willing to accept CEO of a corporation, a general in the army, or even mayor of a particularly large city.  Then after I feel reasonably confident that the guy might know how to do the job, then I start looking into issues like ideology.

Oh and nothing matters more to me in ideology than terrorist-killing.

So like last time, you know who I wanted to be President?  Giuliani.  Mind you, he is more liberal than I am, but he had more administrative experience than most of them, and I like his position on terrorist-killing.

Now I guess with his military background, Brown has Obama beat except...  well, then by 2012 Obama will have been president for four years.  I mean he has to have learned how to do something by then, right?  Right?

It might be tempting to think that by 2012 that Americans will be so sick of Obama that they will literally pick anyone else over him.  But we shouldn’t give them a choice between Obama and “none of the above.”  We should give them a choice between Obama and someone who won’t need on-the-job training.

So let’s cut this out right now.  I am glad that Brown was elected, and yeah, that makes him the savior in fact of the republican party.  But let’s not get carried away.