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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tune In, Tonight, At Ten O’Clock (Eastern)

 Anyone who has been following the saga of Kimberlin’s attempt to out me by subpoena has probably been wondering something like this, “where is Aaron’s (or whatever his name is) responsive pleading?”  Well, that’s the answer.  Tonight, at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time, it will go out.  It was filed today, and it has been mailed and will probably arrive tomorrow.

Okay, barring like lightning strikes or something crazy like that.  But barring anything crazy like that, the post will be up.

And it’s should be pretty big both in size and what it is saying.  Let me give you a small sample from the text of what we filed.  After making a number of recommendations to the court I say this: “Finally, this court should consider referring Mr. Kimberlin’s conduct in this case to the appropriate state authorities in order to determine if he has committed perjury.”

Oh yeah, I go there.

So grab your popcorn and get ready.  Hopefully this will be fun.

And in the meantime I will straighten out the record about what has been going on.  That will be a separate post and it will be interesting I think, at least to us legal geeks.  But the short version is that I had to deal with some bureaucratic hell to get it filed and in the meantime I was engaging in a lot of misdirection.  Hey, guess what?  When I am being stalked, I am not going to be truthful about where I am going to be and when.  Imagine that.

Gee, now my stalkers can report me to the bar for lying to you, too.  *Rolls eyes*  You know, because the bar won’t tolerate any liars, nope not at all. (For a similar, but more detailed response to this silliness, see here.)

(By the way, if you haven’t been following, read here, here and here to get caught up). 


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  1. We got a popcorn maker for Christmas. This will be a good time to put it to use. I just love legal filings and court decisions. POST AWAY AARON!