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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wringing Good Out of the Evil of Whitney Houston’s Death

Update: Prompted by a comment by JD over at Patterico's, I have to say this is probably the best way to remember her.

What a fabulous voice, and a horrible waste.  And as noted in the Washington Post, you can buy a copy of this as a single and the proceeds will go to 9-11 related charities, it seems.


So this night we learn that Whitney Houston has died.  There is no official cause of death but...

We all know what it was.  In some way or another, more than likely drugs killed her.  I mean feel free to wait for verification, but we all know it.  We saw it coming a mile away.

I admit I chuckled a little in watching the outrageous clips on The Soup, but part of me felt profoundly sad watching her downfall.  I am not saying I am a superfan or anything I am not, but she had a gorgeous voice and for years she seemed like a nice, normal, very “together” kind of woman.  She seemed like the kind of person who could be a positive role model to girls everywhere.  And now she is a cautionary tale.

I admit listening years ago to the Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr., had a profound effect upon my thinking.  One phrase that stuck with me in particular was this one: “God still has a way of wringing good out of evil.”  He said that standing by the grave of three little girls who were murdered by Klan terrorists while attending Sunday school, but it is a phrase that has a broader application.

If Whitney Houston died of drugs, that is an evil.  I won’t call her evil.  I generally try to be a love-the-sinner-hate-the-sin-kind-of-guy.  Well, I try.  But her death is an evil and a horrible waste.  And if there is any good that can be wrung from it, it is as a warning.  Drugs took her down.  It took this beautiful, talented, classy woman down.  And if that convinces one person to quit, or never to start in the first place, then there can be some redemption in this otherwise horrible, pointless end to her life.

And I hope Ms. Houston can find peace in the next life.


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