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Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Frivolity: Those Wheels are Real, and They’re Spectacular!

This isn’t mature, but it’s pretty funny.

So in Canada they are having their own political season.  I guess.  And one of the local party leaders is Danielle Smith, who you will see in a moment is pretty easy on the eyes.  So naturally they are using a large picture of her on the side of a campaign bus and everything was going well until, um, this happened:

Mmm, yeah.  So there are a few snickers about the whole thing and at the same time Shannon Stubbs, a local party spokeswoman, well…  spoke on the subject:

“We’re getting it adjusted right now since it will be a distraction throughout the campaign,” said Shannon Stubbs, party spokeswoman and candidate in the Alberta riding of Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville. “Nobody really noticed, since we have been focused on providing a solid campaign platform. There were a couple of comments when we were doing the initial draft a long time ago, but the majority of the team didn’t notice or didn’t anticipate it would be an issue.”

Those people who didn’t think this would be an issue are to be pitied, because they were clearly born without a funny bone.

The image in question has Smith’s head above the rear wheels, making it look as if the tires are taking the place of her breasts.

“We do think that if this is the absolute worst thing to go wrong in the campaign, then that’s not too bad,” Stubbs said. “We’ve been having a bit of laugh because of the attention it’s been getting. Somebody suggested we submit a picture into Leno or Letterman to get international attention, as well as the national coverage we’ve been getting.”

However, she also suggested that not everyone is amused.

“I did see someone comment that it might be one of the reasons why women are dissuaded from entering politics, and I think there might be a valid point there.”

So she goes from juking about it and talking about sending it to Leno for media attention, but then complaining that this somehow is a feminist crime.

And really?  You don’t think this would happen to a man?  Imagine if, for instance, the photo was of a man only it showed his upper body, going from his head down to his pelvis, so that those tires were exactly where his “beans” would be.  Or imagine if they put him up on a wall mural and a flagpole just happened to be where his “frank” would be.  Tell the truth, we’d be snickering about that, too.

For myself, I keep thinking of this classic scene in The Naked Gun:

I won’t say “rest in peace” to Leslie Nielson.  I will say “rest in laughter.”  The world is not as funny without you.  (And he was a fine dramatic actor, too.)

Via Ace.


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