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Saturday, December 24, 2011

It’s Almost Christmas

There are some people who say that the way we celebrate Christmas doesn’t have much to do with the birth of Jesus and so on.

And if you look at people who push people down at a store to get a toy for their children, or you see people who care only about what they get, you might get that impression.  For instance, this video from about a week ago is funny, but the behavior of these children is very often rotten:

But then they are children and then don’t get it, yet.  I hope their parents do straighten them out soon, however.

Because you can focus on “what do I get?”  Or you can focus on “what do I give?”  You can take genuine joy out of finding just the right gift for that person to bring a smile to their face, or at least to find something that they come to be glad you gave to them.  Now of course the first example—the person who goes too far when trying to obtain a gift for their children—they are people who want to give to their children so badly, too, but have lost all sight of reason.  Children shouldn’t get every single thing they want.  And one line that should never be crossed is to be nasty or cruel to your fellow man, because you want to give so badly to someone else.

So make this a season of charity and love, both for your families and strangers you encounter every day.  Yes, as you give cool gifts to your friends and family, you will surely get gifts in return.  But if you make it about the giving and not the getting (and you keep it within sane limits), you will do honor to the man whose birthday we are celebrating.

So pull up to the fire and enjoy the company of friends and family.  Wait, you have no fireplace?  Let me give you a virtual one, then...

...and have a Merry Christmas.


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