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Monday, May 14, 2012

Site Announcement (Update: Warding off Murphy's Law)

Update: I just want to stress that the the "6:55 a.m." part below is my goal, but it is not a promise.  And Murphy's Law says that if I promise anything for certain, it will almost certainly not happen.  And to riff of The Simpsons, in this house, we obey Murphy's Law!

Update II: If you were going to read at exactly 6:55 a.m. this morning, I will warn you that it looks like we are extremely unlikely to make that deadline.  Oh well.  But I am optimistic that it will drop sometime today.

Okay, so I promised last week that the big post was coming today.  For those of you who haven’t paid attention I have been preparing a big post, an almost certain blockbuster in which I expose serious criminal conduct.  A crime has been committed against me—indeed several have been—and I have absolute proof of it.  You won’t have to believe my word.  You will only have to look at the evidence and believe your eyes.

Part of the presentation is going to be in video form, using two videos.  One is ready to go.  The second... is being completed as we speak by a friend of mine who is a videographer.  It is the last piece of the puzzle and I told him I wanted it done right rather than fast.  And I have seen it in progress and it is very good so far.

So...  he says he can get this to me tomorrow morning.  And finalizing the post will take additional time.  There are a lot of files I will have to turn from private to public, for instance, as it comes together.  And there are some original photographs I will want to put into the post, which is always a pain in the behind in Blogger.

I am going to try to put this out by  6:55 a.m. tomorrow, just before RSS feeds refresh (according to friends who know this sort of thing).  But that is just a guess.  I feel pretty confident it will be out sometime tomorrow for sure.  Check this space for updates, or follow me on twitter (@aaronworthing) and I will be announcing it the second it comes out.  And, dear reader, I will be asking you to spread the word.

In fact, to preview just a little more, there are going to be two posts. One is the behemoth post I have been talking about, and the other is a shorter summary of the larger post, that gives you ever major point I hit on.  But, bluntly, as intelligent consumers of information, you shouldn’t just take my very serious accusations on faith.  You should demand the evidence and, dear reader, it is in the big post that you will get all of the evidence.

So hang in a little longer.  One person told me on twitter  they can’t wait for this, and.. neither can I wait to tell you.  But I want everything right, first.


Oh yeah, and this is #War, and #IAmAndrewBreitbart.  I mean not literally, but yeah.

And once again, Soopermexican has a link to a “Breitbart Children’s Trust” to make sure his family is not impoverished by his untimely death.


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