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Monday, December 19, 2011

Frank J. Flemming Exposes the Increased Sissification of Our Society

Great satire usually makes a meta point, and Flemming, of IMAO fame, does exactly that in his most recent New York Post column talking about the NTSB’s propose ban on all cell phones—and indeed a ban on all electronic devices, such as radios and iPods:

The National Transportation Safety Board wants a complete ban on cell phone use while driving, even on hands-free calls. Some will protest this as yet another government encroachment on freedom, but we should think twice before rocking the boat here.

After all, have you considered how lucky we are that the government lets us drive cars at all?

Imagine if cars hadn’t been around for a century, but instead were just invented today. Is there any way they’d be approved for individual use? It’s an era of bans on incandescent bulbs; if you suggested putting millions of internal-combustion engines out there, you’d get looks like you were Hitler proposing the Final Solution.

Even aside from pollution, the government wouldn’t allow the risks to safety.

“So you’re proposing that people speed around in tons of metal? You must mean only really smart, well-trained people?”

“No. Everyone. Even stupid people.”

“Won’t millions be killed?”

“Oh, no. Not that many. Just a little more than 40,000 a year.”

“And injuries?”

“Oh . . . millions.”

There’s no way that would get approved today.

Seriously, read the whole thing and marvel at how much a bunch of wimps we have become.


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  1. Here's exhibit B:

    What would he get in the most trouble for: the fake gun or the fake cigarette?

  2. Yup.

    We'd be relegated to buses. No cars unless you're in the government. Leaders have six cars each. The bus drivers would be dumb half the time, but licensed.

    And the stops would be arranged to help out parts of town that politicians want to improve, and deliberately kept from parts of town that aren't favored. This is actually the case in Austin for our rail system. The closest stop to the capitol and the university are in the worst part of town, with nothing close you would want, and lo and behold, the politicians all bought property in that area which is predicted to improve because of their actions.

    You go where they say you can.

    I know your point is more abstract, though. I can only imagine if they invented the gun or alcohol today.

    One gets the idea that maybe government isn't really making our lives better.