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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Site Announcement: Christmas is Coming by Monday

Yesterday I told you that we were working on a massive story at this site, that it was all ready to go except that we need two videos and the second one is what we are waiting on.  It’s being edited by a friend of mine and he said it will be done “in the next couple of days.”  He said it was safe to say everything would be ready to go by Monday.  Maybe if we are lucky, sooner.

Hey, he’s doing it for free and he is a busy guy.  So I can be patient.  I admit I am aching to get this off my chest, but I can wait a little longer.

Certainly God of War therapy helps...

That all being said, I have already set it up so that my post will happen whether a certain domestic terrorist wants it to or not.  I won’t give away any details, but as they said in Serenity...

Very true, guy from Numb3rs!  You can’t stop the signal.


Oh yeah, and this is #War, and #IAmAndrewBreitbart.  I mean not literally, but yeah.

And once again, Soopermexican has info on a “Breitbart Children’s Trust” to make sure his family is not impoverished by his untimely death.


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  1. Ah, the hydra thing you were talking about. I think I got this far in the game. I liked the game but it couldn't compete with Demon's Souls at the time. I'll have to dust it off.