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Monday, May 7, 2012

Site Announcement (Update: I am Breitbart)

Update: By the way, the correct hashtags for my upcoming piece is #war and #IAmAndrewBreitbart.

And speaking of, Soopermexican has a nice post mentioning a Breitbart Children’s Trust.  Yeah, I am about two months late to write this, but on the positive side it keep that story alive.  So go over there and consider donating.

Now, back to the original post, as is.


I have told a number of people to expect something big today.  And those who didn’t know, well now you know.  We are going to do a massive story at this site, exposing serious criminal misconduct.  It is going to be original reporting and it is going to be massive.  I mean it is over sixty single spaced pages in word, and there are at least three hundred pages of documents I have been scanning, redacting out private information and uploading.  If you wonder why I haven’t said much in the last week, there you go.

But we are missing one piece.  I am waiting for one piece to fall into my Tetris puzzle.  There are two videos that are vital to telling the story…  and only one is fully ready to go.  But it is more important to get this out right than fast.

Hopefully that means we will have it all tomorrow but it’s not entirely in my hands.  Stay tuned, and trust me, this will be worth it.

By the way, on an unrelated note:

It is important to remain a happy warrior.


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