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Monday, September 20, 2010

Facepalm Time

You know, I was the first person I know of, way back in February, who pointed out that if Judge Walker of the Proposition 8 trial was gay, this would be a problem.  And Patterico did, too.  And we thought we raised it in a serious, respectful fashion.  So when I went to in my daily reads and saw an article mentioning that a party seeking to fi    le an amicus had raised the issue, I was like “finally!”

Then I read the thing.  Go ahead read it for yourself.  We’ll let Jesus express my feelings as you do.

Wow, that is literally so bad that it actually hurts the cause.  It distracts from the serious issue.  I said way back in February that I was tempted to file a complaint on my own.  Consider that a looming possibility.

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