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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Are Conservatives Engaged in Friendly Fire Against “The Hunt?”

So, there is a movie coming up called The Hunt.  The basic plot synopsis is liberal elites hunting people they hate that they see as "deplorables."  And in the wake of recent mass shootings, ads for the movie are being pulled sporadically, and the Hollywood Reporter is saying that behind the scenes they are talking about rethinking how they are going to market it and so on.  This is probably the first news that the movie existed for many people, so I am seeing a lot of conservative anger directed at it.  For instance, Twitchy has an article typical of this where conservatives are quoted as saying how terrible this movie is as an idea.  You can read for yourself, but the basic gist is “oh my God, they’re making a movie that revels in murdering conservatives.”

And I am here to persuade you that maybe that interpretation is wrong.