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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Why Legalizing Prostitution Would Legalize Sexual Harassment:

A Response to Jazz Shaw and His Followers

 So, today Jazz Shaw (whom I generally respect) posted a tweet that suggested that he supports the legalization of prostitution, as follows:

Then in turn, I pointed out that there was a serious downside to it.  I won’t quote myself in the name of keeping this blog reasonably family friendly, but the gist of what I said was as follows: “Right now, if an employer says to a woman ‘sleep with me or you’re fired,’ it’s illegal and sexual harassment. You make prostitution legal, you make that demand legal.”

(And if you really want to know what I originally said, you can follow this link.)

After Shaw called my comment “stupid,” all hell broke in my mentions.  Well, respectfully, people are not thinking it through.