The Brett Kimberlin Saga:

Follow this link to my BLOCKBUSTER STORY of how Brett Kimberlin, a convicted terrorist and perjurer, attempted to frame me for a crime, and then got me arrested for blogging when I exposed that misconduct to the world. That sounds like an incredible claim, but I provide primary documents and video evidence proving that he did this. And if you are moved by this story to provide a little help to myself and other victims of Mr. Kimberlin’s intimidation, such as Robert Stacy McCain, you can donate at the PayPal buttons on the right. And I thank everyone who has done so, and will do so.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Popehat and I Ask For Your Help

This is the latest post in what I half-jokingly call The Kimberlin Saga®.  If you are new to the story, that’s okay! Not everyone reads my blog.  The short version is that Kimberlin has been harassing me for over a year, his worst conduct being when he attempted to frame me for a crime.  I recognize that this might sound like an incredible claim, but I provide video and documentary evidence of that fact; in other words, you don’t have to believe my word.  You only have to believe your eyes.  So, if you are new to the story, go to this page and you’ll be able to catch up on what has been happening.

Okay, mostly it’s me asking for help, as well as my friends and co-defendants Robert Stacy McCain, Ali Akbar, William Hoge and whoever the heck Kimberlin Unmasked is.  There isn’t much to this post but to raise awareness.  As most of you know, we have been sued by Brett Kimberlin, for calling him a pedophile and the like (or in most of their cases, accurately reporting that he was called one by his wife).  Ken White, who differs from me on many political issues but has a principled agreement with me on the issue of free speech, has put up the Popehat signal seeking pro-bono counsel.  You can read his post, here.  And if you can help, or if you know anyone who can help, let us know.

It truly is an excellent post, but I will quibble with one part.  He speaks a lot of freedom of speech, and, yes, that is at stake here, but this suit also represents an attack on the right to obtain counsel.  Much of what he is suing me for is offering free legal help to his wife.  His belief is that when he targets someone for the “Aaron Walker treatment”—i.e. false arrest, false charges, trying to get a person fired, smearing them on the internet and similar harassing behavior—that no one is allowed to help that person, and if you dare to do so, you have committed a serious offense against all that is good and decent.  He is basically saying that if you are his enemy—including his own wife—you have no right to get a lawyer.  That is a very frightening precedent he is attempting to set.

We will talk more about the evil involved.  Brett Kimberlin has claimed that Stacy McCain has defamed him by calling him “evil” and so since truth is a defense, it is fair game to explore all the vile things he has done.  But his wife once provided a great insight into his mentality (in a non-privileged conversation).

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Let’s Do This: End Military Gun-Free Zones

Some of you might be reading this as regular readers of my blog.  And some of you might be reading this because I posted a petition on the White House website.  Either way, let me share my thoughts on the issue.

About an hour ago, I spoke with a friend of mine who was very happy to get his/her car back.  You see this person, who will remain anonymous, worked at the Washington Navy Yard that was attacked Monday and up until today this person couldn’t get back his/her car.  So I asked, “I had heard that most military bases are basically gun free zones—only the guards are allowed to carry.”

This person verified that this was the case and indeed people on base wondered why this was the case.  This person pointed out that military personnel were allowed to have their guns in airports if they were in uniform, so the natural question was why they couldn’t have it on base?

It all comes from back in 1993 when these rules were instituted under Bill Clinton:

Sunday, September 15, 2013

“I Know They Went to Heaven”

That is a moving comment by Sarah Collins Rudolph in a recent video I will show you just in a moment.  This is a picture of her, below:

Fifty years ago, on another Sunday, her life and the lives of four of her friends were ripped apart.

Fifty years ago, a racist terrorist planted a bomb in the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama.  It killed four innocent little girls as they attended Sunday school.  It is important to remember their names: Cynthia Wesley, Denise McNair, Carole Robinson and Addie Mae Collins.  Sarah Rudolph was there too, then known simply as Sarah Collins.  She watched her sister, Addie Mae, die and was grievously injured herself.  If you see one eye pointing in a different direction from the other it is because her right eye is a fake.

You can watch a news report on her, here:

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Prejudice Towards George Zimmerman

Update: Jump to the end of the story for a relevant update.

As I wrote a long time ago at Patterico:

To pre-judge a person is to literally “judge before.”  Before what?  Before it is appropriate, before you have all the facts.  Of course normally we think of prejudice as being based on specific traits.  Racial prejudice is to judge a man by his skin color, rather than getting enough facts to judge him as an individual.  But it can be based on anything.

The George Zimmerman case, of course, was based on prejudice from the beginning and most of it seemed to be racial prejudice.  Right at the beginning of the case involving the shooting of Trayvon Martin, I started to get a “Duke non-rape case” vibe.  Read that analysis: virtually everything I wrote held up, and what little didn’t was merely because of the development of the evidence.  In the Duke case, no one was there but the accused and the accuser, and yet people half a country away acted as though they were personal eyewitnesses, and absolutely convinced of the lacrosse players’ guilt.  But by the end of it, it turned out they were guilty of nothing more than a rowdy college party and positively innocent of rape.  And the same was true in the Zimmerman/Martin case.  Right away people acted like they knew what happened—often with blatant appeals to racial bigotry (i.e. “white people have been victimizing black people therefore this allegedly white man must have victimized Martin”), when what should have happened was for everyone to wait for all the facts being in.

Yesterday, we saw a microcosm of that exact same dynamic when the news hit the web that George Zimmerman had been arrested, for allegedly threatening his wife with a gun.  The press and much of the Twittersphere declared Zimmerman guilty almost immediately... based on the word of a woman who has just recently been convicted of perjury.  I mean, there is no guarantee that a perjurer would lie at every opportunity (though rules barring perjurers from testifying do make a great deal of sense), shouldn’t that have given some people some pause?

Via Twitchy we get several examples of this.  For instance Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo:

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Limp Excuse For Weiner's Public Ejaculation

First, I apologize for the blog hiatus.  This blog is, still, a one-man show and a combination of being busy and then sick made it impossible for the show to go on.  And yes, I will eventually comment on the frivolous suit that Brett Kimberlin has filed against myself and others basically for truthfully describing him as a pedophile and related matters.  He thinks this will intimidate myself and my co-defendants but frankly I relish the opportunity to prove my allegations to be true.  But beyond that, I will be very likely to engage new counsel and I will maintain silence in the short term until I have a chance to consult with him or her.

But let’s get to the subject of this Weiner post.  Now to be fair to Weiner, this is not his limp excuse.  And by “ejaculation” I mean in the sense of speaking loudly and emotionally, not that other definition.

But yesterday was the start of Rosh Hashanah, i.e. the Jewish new year and my Jewish friends are going to party like it is 5779!  Awful jokes aside, deflated New York City mayoral candidate Weiner was doing the typical politician meat and greet when he had an argument with a man who heckled him.  Here is some early, edited, video of that encounter: