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Thursday, January 28, 2010

“So Who the Fuck are You?” (or: “About me”)

Okay, having managed to fight the blogger editor until it let me post, once, I figured it was time to tell you a little more about me.  I will try to backdate it to make it my first post, but I might not be successful.

I am in my 30’s.  Happily married.  I work as a lawyer.  Ah, crap, now you hate me, right?  Well, I will also say that I am not one of those cheesy lawyers who isn’t aware of how his profession can be incredibly corrosive in our society, nor do I make the mistake of thinking every problem has to be solved by lawyers.

And full disclosure, I work for a home care agency as their corporate counsel.  So judge my biases as you will.

I am also handicapped.  Specifically, I have three learning disabilities.  In fact, that is why I write this blog anonymously.  I don’t usually tell my employers about my disabilities.  But I wanted to write freely here about those experiences.  So I post anonymously so I can speak more freely to you.

“Okay, so why do you call this blog ‘Allergic to Bullshit?’”

Well, because I am almost pathologically driven to tell the truth and pierce any of the bullshit I see around me.  Like  a small example.  Once I was interviewed by a large firm, that represented Microsoft, on one topic or another.  At the time they had that big anti-trust suit going on so they asked me how I felt about it.  I tried dodging: “Well, I haven’t taken that course, so...”

“Well, just how you feel.”

So then I said it. “I just can’t help but think that if Windows had some real competition, maybe it wouldn’t crash so much.”

Well, I kissed that job goodbye.  But my attitude was good riddance.  If you can’t handle me giving my honest opinion, then I don’t want you either.  I’ve always been taught that the true friend is the person who tells you that you have shmutz on your shirt, not the guy who sees it and is silent.  And I don’t serve clients well if I don’t tell them exactly what I think.  And bluntly I had enough options to make that a costless decision.

As one friend said, “there is just no second layer with you.  What you see is what you get.”

So after a while my joke was that I was allergic to bullshit.  I thought I was being original.  Then I googled the phrase looking to see if anyone else had a blog by the name, and guess what? Apparently my supposedly original phrase was a cliché.  Sigh.  But I still like it.

“Why haven’t you allowed comments on this site?”

Honestly, I don’t want that mess.  You can read me or not, but I don’t want to wonder if it is eating up my allocated space, or if I leave up a stupid comment someone will judge me by it or whatever.  So I won’t allow them.  Don’t like it?  Go to blogger’s website and create your own blog and mouth back at me.  Seriously, it is cheap, easy and free.