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Friday, July 9, 2010

“Sony has pulled a TV episode from the PlayStation Network after offering it for free and then discovering that it contained naked women, breast bondage, and acid-spitting nipples.”

Says the lede in an article on IGN:

The anime episode Queen's Blade: Season 1: Episode 1: High Spirits – The Vagrant Warrior was rated TV-MA according to the PlayStation Store, but that didn't stop the TV show from being deposited in the video store's "Free TV" section. Once the 322 MB file was downloaded, users could watch the show, which ends after the main character strips down naked, puts on a suit of armor and locks the main enemy in a bear hug so that the foe's nipples can't discharge the acid inside her breasts. The enemy's breasts expand like balloons, explode and kill her. The official PlayStation Store description that ran with the free episode referenced the enemy's demise: "Reina defeats Melona by stopping the acid that shoots from her breasts."

Am I the only one who is dying to see the acid-filled breasts explode?  It’s impossible to imagine that not being hilarious.