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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Big Update to the Koran Burning Story

Okay now this is getting murky and maybe confused.  Apparently the Paster Jones is saying that he spoke with one of the Imams connected to the Ground Zero Mosque projected and they struck a deal that he wouldn’t burn the Korans if they moved the Mosque.  But the Imam wasn’t our good friend Feisel, so...  its really unclear whether they will honor that deal.  And if they don’t, then is the flamb√© on?

All this, by the way, goes straight into the column of this Pastor maybe being a sly genius.  Indeed, he might even be sowing dissention in the ranks of the people behind the Ground Zero Mosque.

Anyway, the blow-by-blow is covered, in detail, at Hot Air.  I feel like I am watching ping pong.