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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Liberal Fascism at Joe My God

Okay so the other day there was a cloture vote on a bill that would end don’t ask, don’t tell.  At a blog called Joe My God, a blog which appears to be pro-gay-rights, a commenteridentifying himself as “Jimmy” writes simply: “All Faggots must die.”

Sorry for the ugly language, but I don't think I should sugarcoat it.

That comment is ugly, of course, and was correctly put down by everyone.  But I mean, that is all he wrote and then apparently disappeared.  So first, am I the only one to smell a Moby?*

But Joe manages to out-douche the guy, which when you think about it is quite an achievement.  He was so incensed he decided he need to track down who this commenter was.  How dare you say something ugly on my blog!  Now I will investigate you!

That is right, he put up the commenter’s IP address in an effort to discover who the real culprit is.  Now as a computer geek, let’s just say I am a pretty good lawyer.  So I can’t really check their work, but they said it definitely came from the building at 3625 Cumberland Boulevard, in Altanta, Georgia.  And OMG, that is where Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss’s office is!  So now Joe My God and the Atlanta Constitution are trying to find out if someone on his staff wrote it.

Bear in mind, there is no good reason to think that anyone in the office did.  I mean if you run a reverse address lookup on the building, you find there are over 100 matches in the White pages.  There are probably hundreds of people who work there, including a Democratic Senator.  Indeed, if you knew enough to know how the IP would work, if you were a liberal in the same building you might think that posting a comment like that would be a great way to discredit Chambliss.  In short, again, I smell Moby.

But in the end over what?  A comment on a blog.  Oh, you said something we don’t like on a blog.  So let’s track you down and make sure your life is ruined!

On his blog, Joe doesn’t give his last name as far as I can tell.  But I am guessing it is McCarthy.


* If you don’t know, a Moby is a person who pretends to be a conservative and then says something so outrageous that it discredits other conservatives.  It is named after the performer Moby, because he suggested doing that sort of thing.  I suspect if a person does the same thing to liberals, the term would also apply.

And don’t be embarrassed not to know that.  I didn’t until pretty recently.

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