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Monday, September 13, 2010

Scattered Idiocy Related to the GZM

So it turns out that one of the guys who has been preaching at the GZM and is a close associate of the Imam is a Truther.  You know, a while back someone said that America was becoming the Jews of the world.  And wouldn’t that be a prime example.  The anti-semites are always saying 1) the holocaust didn’t happen, and 2) the Jews deserved it.  Well, Faiz Khan says 9-11 was an inside job, and Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf says we were an accomplice to it.

Meanwhile Michael Moore just loves this.  He wants the GZM actually where the towers stood.  Yeah, that is too be expected.  But then he adds this lovely coda: "There is a McDonald's two blocks from Ground Zero. Trust me, McDonald's has killed far more people than the terrorists.”  Yeah, the fat ass is telling us that.

And isn’t that just typical?  He blames America for everything bad that happens to it, but when he goes to figure out why he is a massive fat ass that is likely to die of a heart attack, he figures someone else to blame.  He pretends to be self-critical when he attacks this country, but in truth he is flogging something he doesn’t identify with.  Because in the end this fat ass cannot take responsibility even for the fatty food he shoves down his fat throat.

Mind you, I am not a slender man myself.  I could get in better shape and for reasons I would rather not share, I will probably be forced to very soon.  But I don’t blame anyone else for it.  I know that when it comes to blame I just need to look no further than the mirror.

(P.S.: No I am not linking to the fat ass’s site.)