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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Well, Now This Sounds Like an Awesome Movie

Remember the Wachowski Brothers?  They made the movie The Matrix and we thought they were going to be genius of cinema for the next 30 years.  And then around the release of Speed Racer, we realized that something went horribly wrong.

And now they plan to give us a movie about a forbidden gay affair.  And wow, doesn’t this sound like quality?  (yes, spoilers are coming.  Oh well.):

[P]art of the film takes place in the future all right — nearly a hundred from now. But its main story is told in Cloverfield-esque flashbacks by digital archeologists sorting through “found footage” from CNN and chips from old digital cameras from the U.S. occupation of Iraq. The heroes are indeed a gay American soldier named (with little irony) "Butch" and an Iraqi soldier turned militant. Butch is endearing, young, and a ravishingly handsome Marine. Our spies tell us that he "just wants to fuck and kill everything" in Iraq — until, that is, he falls in love with the Iraqi.

The two meet while Butch is on a combat patrol in Iraq during the second Gulf War, and soon enough, the two are engaged in graphically described sex (actual line from the script: "They rut like animals behind this fence") albeit while disguised in burqas. The two soldiers’ relationship blossoms, and Butch begins to get to know his lover's family. But after he inadvertently draws attention to their ancestral home, disaster strikes. This tragedy radicalizes the pair and they become convinced that the only way to rid the world of evil is to kill the architect of the invasion, the then-president of the United States, George W. Bush. And so, during one of the president’s secret sorties to Iraq, they attempt to assassinate him.

Wow, that sounds so aweful it might actually be entertaining in a Mystery Science Theater 3000 sort of way.  And I find the message to be a bit confused.  So a gay soldier decides to start having sex with the enemy and that affair leads him to want to kill the President.  Okay.  So is that pro- or anti- gays-in-the-military?

I am being facetious of course.  We know it is pro-gays-in-the-military but what a strange way to advance their cause.  And its good to know that wet dreams about assassinating Bush never go out of style, even if Bush is no longer the president.

Also the cognitive dissonance on display couldn’t be greater.  So the American and the terrorist believe that they should help...  the terrorists.

You know, because the terrorists are so tolerant of homosexuality.  *rolls eyes*

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