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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Is Charlie Wilson a Wife Beater?

Now, first, this is not the man made famous with the movie Charlie Wilson’s War, but a Democrat running for reelection in Ohio.  And so far it does not look good.  Big Government has the trial brief filed in his divorce and it states that Wilson actually admitted to the beatings in depositions.  Now you might say, well, yeah, that is the word of a lawyer.  And while lawyers are not typically more honest (or more dishonest, for that matter) than anyone else, the thing is most bar associations would seriously discipline any lawyer who made such a claim without factual basis.  I dare say it would be merit disbarment if he did it.

I have attempted to reach out to the lawyer in that case and obtain some more documentation of his claims—such as factual findings by the court or transcript of the depositions itself—but it would be so unusual to lie that brazenly, I have to assume all things being equal he is telling the truth.  But you can decide for yourself and certainly Wilson will be asked about it very soon.

That being said, how relevant is this?  Well, here I have to confess that I have had someone close in my life whom I helped to escape an abusive marriage.  Does that mean I am biased, or that I see the issue more clearly than others?  I believe it’s the latter, but that is your call, not mine.  Myself, I think there is no place for such a man in Congress unless there is powerful evidence of reform.  Besides the fact that we are depending on this man not to discriminate based on sex, I believe that people who abuse also have poor impulse control making him generally unfit for offices of high trust.  But you make up your own mind.

And if I learn more, I will keep you posted.

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