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Friday, October 8, 2010

Remember Folks, We Absolutely Cannot Let Kids Get Vouchers and Escape Our Wonderful Public Education System

Two mothers try desperately to get her child out of a completely fucked up school and the school officials fight her tooth and nail:

Since 2008-2009 school year, Edwina Meyer has been trying to get a transfer out of Scammon Elementary School, 4201 W. Henderson St. She says she feels unsafe.

“It’s terrible,” Meyer says. “It’s like so much happened in that classroom.”

She says she has witnessed multiple X-rated acts while in class.

Meyer was reportedly not alone in witnessing this behavior. Laura Flores says her daughter also witnessed the sex acts.

“My daughter was psychologically damaged by it, in the way she had nightmares, she fretted about going to school,” Flores said. “She was afraid.”

Flores and Susan Meyer, Edwina’s mother, both say that during the past two years, they wanted their daughters transferred to different schools for safety reasons. But they say school officials fought them, even though they acknowledge the sex acts occurred and fired the teacher.

Edwina Meyer says even after the teacher was fired, problems persisted. She says she was bit, inappropriately touched and she says denied access to the bathroom. Meyer says she wet herself and was forced to sit in her own urine.

Lovely.  Now maybe they are just making it up, right?  Well, let me ask you this.  If you were a parent who would you like to decide whether your daughter should be in a given school?  Some bureaucrat who might see funding to the school drop?  Or you, the parent?

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