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Monday, December 5, 2011

Back at my Home

Well, it was over a year ago that I first announced that I would be guest blogging over at Patterico’s Pontifications and basically the responsibility of keeping this blog up left me to neglect this one.  Well, Patrick has decided that he wants his blog to be more his personal expression again.  Bluntly I can very profoundly understand where he is coming from.

Still it as a downright fun year.  I got several Instalinks and several other internet giants said really nice things about me.  I even got to post more than a few times at Big Government and Big Journalism, which is just cool.

So it is back here, at my home where I get completely liberated but enjoy a smaller audience.  Such is life.  Today, I just have run out of time, but I will be posting on a regular basis here and tweeting it at @AaronWorthing when I have a new post.

And a new thing...  comments!  Woo-hoo!  Now certain stalkerbois need not apply but pretty much I want to hear the feedback from anyone who bothers to read this site.  And I will probably change the name slightly to "Allergic to Bull" just so people will be less reluctant to link here.  I have not decided whether I will continue to cuss like a sailor in the posts.  Hey, if you have an opinion on that, why don't you tell me how you feelabout that?  Or just say "Hey, Aaron, I am here."

So, take a look around and I will have more to come very shortly, like hopefully tomorrow evening.


  1. Left you a couple of comments at PP. Just to let you know I put you on my shortcuts, will check here often and read your posts, even though I might not always comment. Basically the the same as I do at Pat's.

    Comment from Pat's.

    I was letting you know that I was adding your blog to my favorites, and that I would stop by on an almost daily basis. Basically, commenting only when someone hasn’t already expressed my thoughts more eloquently than I. Just like I do here most times, unless it’s to bash a troll.

  2. I tried earlier, but got rejected. POA let you know over at PP's so I'm glad it's now cleared up.

    Now have you bookmarked.

  3. Are you planning a Friday place for the sockpuppets?
    Cheshirecat ^..^(____)~~~

  4. cheshire

    i am sure patrick will be doing them, and as for here...

    um, i haven't thought that far ahead. I mean if a big commenter community grows up, then i figure it would be worth it, but otherwise...