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Friday, December 16, 2011

Double Bleg

First, I see that Ron Paul’s newsletters have come into the news with him being accused of being a racist.  Does anyone know of anywhere I can read them in the raw, outside of a paywall?  Please let me know in the comments

Second, a few people have complained about how these posts show up in Google Reader.  I have been using the service myself just to see how it appears and in my system it seems fine.  Let me know if this or any of the last two posts have the same problems we have been talking about.


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  1. Unfortunately, ... er... I actually guess fortunately, there were only 7.000 subscribers and Ron Paul sure as hell isn't giving us his copy to look at.

    There are some interesting quotes here:

    But you want the raw material, with context, etc. is probably not representative. :)

  2. Aaron, all now looks good :-)

  3. The reader text is coming through better. Thank you.

  4. There's this piece, which links to Kirchik's over view

  5. Several of RPs newsletters are linked in the footnotes of his Wikipedia page.