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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Have No Justification...

...or rather, I have removed the justified formatting from most of the substantive posts going back about five days and I won’t be using that any longer.  I preferred that look, but I was getting a few complaints that if you read this site in Google Reader it looked absolutely awful.  I’m not sure why, but then again I never use that program.

Also I have disabled the site’s default use of the mobile version of the site.  I have found that when I read my own site on iPhone, the mobile version can get very messed up

So, do you like the changes?  Hate them?  Let me know.  And feel free to sound off on any other issues related to presentation.  I tweaked the look recently and even got a logo for the site (the lighthouse above).  A few people liked it, but I want to hear from the rest of you.


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  1. Looks like the removal of the justified formatting hasn't had an impact in Google Reader. Every 10 words or so, the words run together. Hmmm, weird as I haven't encountered this on any other blogspot blog.

    Love your blog, by the way, and am glad you're still blogging after Patterico.

  2. tech

    Can you do be a favor and give me a screenshot or somethng like that by email? I will try to figure out why it is doing that.

  3. In the first sentence I see "thesubstantive". Are still using email to create your posts?

  4. mostly i don't use the email function.

    And i am frankly stumped on the problem. let me try to use the program and maybe i will get an insight. but it will probably be tomorrow.

  5. This is really weird, Aaron. I can confirm that words are still running together in Reader. Here's the first sentence. I thought it was just an artifact of the justification, but spaces are literally being removed from the content.

    ...or rather, I have removed the justified formatting from most of thesubstantive posts going back about five days and I won’t be using that anylonger.

    Are you composing your posts in the Blogspot editor or using another program?

    Google search doesn't seem to hasn't much on the problem.

  6. And my phone has spelling issues. That should be have.