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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Thuggery Fail! Brynaert Tries and (Hilariously) Fails to Get Someone To Reveal My Name

When I rattled the monkey cage, the howler monkey started howling, and is continuing to do so.  This time Ron Brynaert wrote to a long time internet rival to try to obtain my seeekrit identity.  I am going to leave the actual name of this person out of it because he didn’t make it clear whether or not he wanted me to include it.  But there is a frequent commenter who goes by the nickname Kman who...  I will be diplomatic and call him a long-time pain in my ass.  And I think he would gleefully accept the title “long-time pain in my ass” and wear it as a badge of honor.  But I did tell him my real name a long time ago, and when setting the record straight I mentioned that he knew my real name all along and didn’t reveal it to defend him against insinuations that he was somehow responsible my decision to reveal that Aaron Worthing was in fact a pseudonym.

So naturally Brynaert attempted to reach out to him.  While I obviously don’t agree with every word that Kman wrote in response, I think frankly it deserves to be published in full.  It’s that good.

But first the set up, Brynaert’s email.  The subject was apparently “Unlike Aaron Worthing”

On Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 10:11 PM, Ron Brynaert <> wrote:

You appear to be a real lawyer:

[link to a state bar’s directory omitted.]

But your feud with Aaron Worthing seems imaginary.  What gives?  Please explain.

Do you have any idea who this is?

[link to a state bar’s directory also omitted.]

Since Aaron claims to live in would be pretty wild if Tamara was Aaron and you're you...or you're both....

Anyway, he's libeling me at his Allergic blog.

If you are a for real liberal you will investigate and I'm sure want to help me find out his real name so that I can report him to the bar and sue him.

If you respond in any other way then perhaps I'm getting warm...and perhaps this hits closer to home for the P man himself.

Ron Brynaert

You have to love that last bit: “if you don’t reveal it to me, then you are not a real liberal and then I am going to think you are in on the conspiracy.”  Join in my thuggery or fall victim to it.

And the response is beautiful. Like I said, I don’t agree with all of it, but really, it's top notch (language warning, though):

from    [Kman]
to         Ron Brynaert
date     Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 11:24 PM
subject Re: Unlike Aaron Worthing

But your feud with Aaron Worthing seems imaginary. What gives? Please explain.

Imaginary to who?  That's a bizarre statement coming from someone I don't know.

That said, there is nothing to explain.  We're a couple of guys who argue a lot on the Internet.  I don't have much respect for the guy's positions or how he defends them, and I'm fairly sure the feeling on his part is mutual.  But I don't really know much about him personally, nor do I care.  I assume he's an okay guy out[]side of some of his political views.  If I had a flat tire in front of his house, he'd let me in to call AAA.  He's not Dick Cheney for chrissakes.

If you are a for real liberal you will investigate and I'm sure want to help me find out his real name so that I can report him to the bar and sue him.

And you are the self-appointed arbitor of who is and isn't a "for-real" liberal?  Sorry, I guess I missed that in the Liberal A-hole Newsletter.

Dude, I know his real name.  I know he went to law school and I have every reason to believe he passed the bar.  Even if I am wrong about the last point, who cares, and how does going after him help the liberal cause?  Or ANY cause?

Here's my main beef with Aaron: quite often, he engages in the politics of the personal.  His arguments are often reduced to name-calling, as if by calling me names makes his arguments better.  It's playground debating in my view.  Kid stuff.

But what you are proposing -- trying to destoy him professionally -- makes Aaron's tactics look outright Churchillian by comparison.  Seriously, man.  Liberals should be people of ideas, not asshole blowhards on the Internet.  Your boner to bring down Aaron makes you -- and by extension, liberals -- look like a-hole children.  Worse than that, the fact that you're doing it BADLY with messed-up conspiracy theories, etc., makes you an ineffectual tinfoil-hat-wearing a-hole child.

No, you will not get his name from me.

Please explain to me why a real lawyer (me) wouldn't sue a fake lawyer - or at the very least - a lawyer using an anonymous identity?

Well, the legal reason why I wouldn't sue a "fake lawyer" or a lawyer using an anonymous identity is because there are no grounds for me to sue that person.  Put another way, it would be malpractice.  It's that simple, although being a non-lawyer, you wouldn't know that.

Secondly, I have better things to do.  I have a job and life.  I suggest you look into (at a minimum) the latter.

If I"m not mistaken, Aaron and Dustin "outed" you at Patterico website, too.  Kind of odd that you're a real lawyer but you don't care.

Well, I linked to my blog in which I use my real name, and Aaron and Dustin followed that link.  I can't legitimately claim I was "outed" when I didn't take the minimal necessary steps to hide my real identity.

So you are mistaken.  I suspect it is not the first time.


You are clearly a disturbed man with way too much time on your hands.  Here's an idea: find something productive to do.

I'm cc'ing this to "Aaron", and you will know doubt take this to mean we're in cahoots.  And in this one rare instance, we are: we're both laughing at you.


And I don’t think I am giving away any confidences here to say that Kman later wrote to me that “Yeah. I just got his reply.  Now he's going to investigate me for...oh, who knows?”

Why, Kman it is because he is on to us.  The entire cabal.  Indeed, he has obtained this video of our operations.  It’s truly chilling:

Yes, Roy, you seem to have done the impossible.  You have brought Kman and myself together...  in laughter.


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  1. Wow... This makes me glad I don't do a blog, because there were way too many whack-jobs out there, I guess... Keep up the good work, Aaron!

  2. I'm not a lawyer, but isn't this stalking and isn't that illegal?

    It was nice to see that a political opposite had the integrity not to stoop to this stalker's level. I'm concerned for both of you. All of these "I'm going to get you" blogs and emails are threats.

    Mary Beth S.

  3. Oh noes, Kman is probably now hacking Ronny Baby! Ronny will have to go off the grid again for a few months because he can't trust anyone.

    The horror, the horror.

  4. Going to link to it on my blog!!!!

  5. A.W. - Probably best not to mention your affiliation with the Bilderbergs here. That might send Ron even further over the edge.

  6. Well, hell!!! Something to respect about Kman at last. Even though I really hate to admit it, he does the honorable thing. Kudos to you Kman, apologies for calling you Kturd at PP's site. This was definitely not turdish behavior in any shape or form.

  7. As I said earlier, I respect Kman's honor.

    This is a guy who has fought tooth and nail against Aaron, and indeed he's taken a ton of personal insults, and he is indeed a very impressive person.

    BTW, Daleyrocks knows my name and despite my debating extremely harshly with him, I've never doubted he would keep that private too.

    I had an unbelievably awful day, and to come home to such a display is a nice way to unwind.

  8. It's sad that no good deed goes unpunished as far as Ron is concerned.

    Kman is doing a bona fide noble thing, but when Ron's demands for info are thwarted, the character assassination begins.