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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Stop With the Single-Site Apps! (A Rant)

This isn't supposed to be a profound post, but sometimes you just feel like getting something off your chest.

Okay, so about a month ago, I made the leap to the iPhone. Basically my Blackberry turned into a hockey puck and while I had been loyal to that company for years I was kind of annoyed that it just died on me, so I was interested in something else. And looking around at the cell phone store, I found that the iPhone cost exactly as much as several options, so I surrendered and got the iPhone. And for the most part I have really liked it. I can't tell you how it stacks up compared to the Droid or anything like that, but I can instantly see why Blackberry is in trouble as a company. Compared to the iPhone, the Blackberry is just plain slow. And I will add that the iPhone works better as a phone. The Blackberry gets no reception my office; the iPhone does.

But there is one annoyance I have to deal with all the time: single-site apps. Like I would go to and every now and then they ask if I would like to download the app to view their site. The same with the Daily Caller and about five other sites. Somehow they can tell I am using an iPhone and they think I need an app for every site.

Hey guys, I already have an app for viewing your site. It's called Safari (in other words, the standard web browser). And personally I would rather not fill my phone with 5,000 single site apps. I want that space for Angry Birds, okay?

So stop asking.


By the way, I have to say this Siri thing is kind of a d-ck move by Apple. Let me get this straight. A bunch of smart people create this voice activated app for the iPhone. It sells really well. Then you guys decide you like it so much you make it a built in feature on the iPhone 4s, and then you take away that app from everyone else. I mean, as I understand it, if you owned Siri before, Apple took it away from you. I think they gave their customers wet willies while they were doing it. And all of this to make people want to buy your new phone to get back what you already had and so you can have advertisements that make people think that Siri is a new feature of the 4s, when in fact it is an old feature that you have taken away from your prior phones.


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  1. I've been a Blackberry user since 2005, starting with one of those massive ones like the baby in the first e*trade commercial had. When my current 2008-vintage Blackberry Bold 9000 showed signs of impending failure -- and knowing that a newer model would work better and solve some annoying shortcomings in the 9000 -- I looked around at the current choices, including iPhone and several Android models. But, for the same price, I decided to stick with Blackberry. The new Bold 9900 is quite a nice unit and much faster than the 9000.

    What I can't fathom is that RIM/Blackberry seem to be giving up without a fight. Back in 2008, AT&T ran an extensive television advertising campaign for the Bold 9000. Today, there isn't a peep about the Bold 9900, even though it is a much better smartphone.

    About my only real gripe is that Amazon hasn't bothered to update its Kindle software to be compatible with the current Blackberry OS. That kind of thing is a disadvantage with Blackberry.