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Friday, December 9, 2011

Tweets of the Day: Twitterers in Love

Update: Blazing Cat Fur links and is skeptical.

I don’t know who @Snarky_Basterd is.  I don’t know who @suziplasse is. But apparently he asked asked her to marry him, on twitter.
Here’s hoping they don’t act like a bunch of twits and live a happy and prosperous life together.


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  1. omg i know them personally and loved it!!!

  2. How SWEET!!! My fiance and I met on Twitter also, 2 1/2 years ago. (@ReconChesty and @FoxieNews) Twitter is an awesome place to get to know people on a values level, and this makes 4 couples we know now who are either engaged or in a relationship who met there. Twit-Harmony works huh? LOL

    All our best to the newly engaged couple! Mine didn't propose on Twitter, he proposed by a lake.. I remember almost wanting him to do it there, but it was perfect the way he did it. and yep I couldn't wait to tweet about it, that was a fun and happy twitter night too. God bless the happy couple!!

  3. Looks like this is the place for all my Tweeps to be named!! Recon, Foxie, Basterd, & Suzi!!

    Who else will drop by?? Other #Twisters perhaps?


  4. Nice couple on Twitter, wish them much happiness.

  5. I watched this happen and just yesterday was thinking the basterd needs to marry my twister. Best wishes and Congrats to Snarky and the future Suzi Basterd. MWAH!

  6. It's real. They've always seemed like a nice couple. And I think it's awesome! Lots of great couples have met on Twitter (wink wink). I get a kick out of watching them all flourish (and fight, and cry, and make up) with literally thousands of cheerleaders cheering them on :)

  7. Teri

    that's a good point. If they have children, are they going to be little basterds?