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Monday, December 26, 2011

Update On My Kimberlin Pleading

I spent a surprisingly massive part of the afternoon printing it.  It is around 200 pages, with about 150 pages of exhibits, going from Exhibit A, to Exhibit JJ.  But I was able to get it together in plenty of time for UPS to pick it up. I will mail copies to the remaining parties by first class mail tomorrow.

And if everything goes well, the entire world will be able to read it tomorrow night.  And the screaming, crying and gnashing of teeth will begin.

Tune in.


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  1. Suggest wailing would be a better word. Picture the people in North Korea mourning Kim's death.

  2. 200 pages? How many beers will that take to get thru?

  3. I hope you nail his ass to the wall.

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