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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just a Reminder: Obama WANTS High Gas Prices (With Video Proof)

So today we see, via ABC news a report on gas prices where during the report itself they saw the station behind them raise prices by ten cents.  And it is worth noting that the prices are much, much better where I live—at around $3.60 (recognizing that there are daily fluctuations).

You can watch that on video here.  I am not embedding it because ABC videos tend to start on their own, which is annoying.  Besides a pair of screencaps tell the whole story.  First before:

abc gas price 1 ll 120222 wblog Price Shock: Watch Cost of Gas Jump 10 Cents During ABCs World News Broadcast

And now after:

abc gas price 2 ll 120222 wblog Price Shock: Watch Cost of Gas Jump 10 Cents During ABCs World News Broadcast

And yes, Obama wants high gas prices.  Here’s what he said about this during the 2008 campaign:

Sen. OBAMA: Well, I think that we have been slow to move in a better direction when it comes to energy usage. And the president, frankly, hasn’t had an energy policy. And as a consequence, we’ve been consuming energy as if it’s infinite. We now know that our demand is badly outstripping supply with China and India growing as rapidly as they are. So…

HARWOOD: So could these high prices help us?

Sen. OBAMA: I think that I would have preferred a gradual adjustment. The fact that this is such a shock to American pocketbooks is not a good thing. But if we take some steps right now to help people make the adjustment, first of all by putting more money into their pockets, but also by encouraging the market to adapt to these new circumstances more quickly, particularly US automakers, then I think ultimately, we can come out of this stronger and have a more efficient energy policy than we do right now.

So rising gas prices are a good thing and all he objects to is the speed at which they rose.

And this is not a one-shot.  When talking about his energy plans, he told us that prices would necessarily skyrocket:

His goal, as with many environmentalists, is to make you look at the gas prices and say “Holy crap, I need a hybrid.”  They want high prices to coerce you into greater energy efficiency.  It’s that simple.


Significant parts of his post cannibalized from a post I wrote at Patterico’s where Obama pretended to be sad about the price of gas.


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