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Friday, May 25, 2012

Go, Read Patterico’s Lastest... Now! (Update: Donate here!)

Update: Here's where you can donate to help my and Robert McCain's family.

Didn’t you hear me?  I said, now!

Joking aside, one thing I left out of my story is how Patrick wrote a long letter to Maryland state authorities urging them to drop charges against me.  I didn’t mention it, because Patrick asked me to hold it back, because it broke news that he wanted to break himself, his way.  Which is a fair request since he did me that solid by writing it in the first place.

I am 90% sure that this means that Patrick has no problem with me publishing the letter.  Here’s an excerpt from it:

Kimberlin filed a ridiculous complaint about me with the California State Bar, claiming among other things that he is “disabled” because he is a felon, and that by writing about his felonious history I was “discriminating” against the “disabled” in violation of California law.

And as soon as I get confirmation from Patrick, I will be putting up a full copy.

By the way, it is funny that they refer to disability discrimination, because there is some evidence that they are themselves practicing disability discrimination.  There is some evidence that they singled me out because I have learning disabilities, falsely believing that this made me somehow uniquely incapable of psychologically withstanding their attacks, as though being dyslexic, etc. is like being bi-polar or something.  It isn’t.  It’s more like being paraplegic or blind—one part is broken, the rest is fine.

In fact an argument can be made that growing up with my disabilities and frankly facing a level of discrimination that people in my demographic don’t ordinarily face toughened me up.  Let me give you a concrete example.

One of my disabilities, dysgraphia, in my particular case, is a disability makes it very hard to write by hand.  When I write by hand, I have been clocked at write four times the “normal” person’s speed when I print, and twelve times the normal person’s speed when I try to write in cursive.  On the other hand, when I type I am perfectly normal, and so that is what I do most of the time.

But I didn’t have that option growing up.  I couldn’t lug around a laptop computer all the time as I do today, because they didn’t exist when I was in high school (or they were prohibitively expensive—I am honestly not sure what the state of technology was back then).  So yes I dropped out of the 11th grade, but what kind of person can make it through 11 grades with that kind of difficulty weighing him down?

I’ll tell you what kind: the most stubborn b*stard you are ever likely to meet, that is what kind.  Indeed the best man at my wedding actually argued that in me my stubbornness became a virtue in me.  I was tenacious in achieving my goals, and I was stubborn in my loyalty to my friends, my dedication to justice and even in my love with my wife.

But of course most relevant here, stubbornly dedicated to seeing that justice be done.  Which is precisely why Brett Kimberlin picked the wrong man to commit a crime against.  He will pay a price for what he did, in the courts of Virginia, and hopefully in the Maryland criminal justice system, too.

Anyway, enough jawboning.  Go read Patrick’s newest piece.  It will be on par with the blockbuster post I wrote that started all of this and you know that is saying something.

And finally to everyone blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, etc. about Brett Kimberlin today, there is simply no way to thank all of you by name.  But know that I thank you, and that everyone you are defending today—not just me, but Seth Allen, Mandy Nagy (who has gone through a similar nightmare for accurately describing Brett Kimberlin’s criminal record), Patrick Frey, and Robert Stacy McCain—and probably other people whose names we haven’t learned yet.

And you are Spartacus.  Or maybe Fonzicus:

Seriously, thank you very much.


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  1. you're welcome. Like I just said over at Patterico's, I can't imagine the stress of confronting this kind of terrorism, not back down, and still take care of your career and your family all the while.

    The least we can do in the blogosphere is speak out.

    Thank you for being strong, and letting the world know what's going on.

    Here's a rant you might enjoy, from a blog bud of mine that has a way with words.

    my best to you

  2. If Kimberlin is disabled in any way at all there are only two possibilities: Mentally disabled or he is disabled by having a malformed soul. I am a felon and am not disabled in any actual sense. Only the Marxist totalitarians, employing Hegel's dialectic and redefining terms to their own agenda, consider the righteous consequences of a legal conviction and sentencing to be a "disability".