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Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Frivolity: The "Dukes Are For Realz!" Edition

Legal Insurrection took a light-hearted email and turned it into something dark and foreboding, and while there is nothing wrong with what he wrote, I want to restore the fun to this.

As you might know, Prof. Jacobson likes to highlight funny/interesting bumper stickers as a break from the otherwise serious topics he discusses on his blog and he always meticulously edits out the license plate.  Well, I sent him one recently.

As I said to Jacobson I know normally you should not put personal information out there.  Phone numbers, email address, etc. should not be posted on a website.  But this seems like a reasonable exception; this is a personalized license plate that seems reasonably calculated to get attention.  I was driving around Manassas about two weeks ago, when I saw an orange “modern” Dodge Charger:

And as I am wont to do when waiting at a red light, I like to read license plates and bumper stickers, and I noticed what this one said on its plate:

And I noticed something else.  That plate is a Virginia Civil War commemorative plate for General Robert E. Lee.  Here’s a better view of the model plate:

Robert E. Lee License Plate

Holy crap!  It’s the Genereal Lee!

Wherever you are, sir, I salute you for a very cool nod back to a silly show I loved as child.

I mean he could have gone the obvious route and painted a Confederate flag on the roof; but instead what he did was subtle, and that makes it awesome.


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  1. One of my favs that I see around town is a Ford Escape with the plates (if I'm remembering correctly) "S KA PAY". As a mother of three young boys, I immediately recognized it as a nod to Dory from "Finding Nemo".

  2. 1up