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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Occupy-Linked Man Pleads Guilty to Attempted Act of Terrorism

On Friday, I pointed out that there were ten alleged or convicted terrorists linked to the Occupy movement.  I mentioned this to expose the double standard being applied to the Tea Party.  Occupy has never been portrayed as “scary” or “violent” and yet they have ten alleged or convicted terrorists connected to their movement (including one man whose continuing criminal conduct I have covered extensively) as well more than fourteen rapes in their camps.  By contrast, if any Tea Party member had ever committed a violent act, I hadn’t heard of it (and we know we would have heard of it), and yet between the two, the Tea Party was the one being stereotyped as filled with violent people.  The media bias had never been clearer.

FILE _ This undated file photo provided by the FBI shows Anthony Hayne. Hayne, 35, one of five men charged with plotting to bomb a highway bridge in Ohio pleaded guilty in federal court in Akron, Ohio Wednesday, July 25, 2012 and will testify against his co-defendants. His attorney, Michael O'Shea, says his client hopes to get leniency in return for his testimony. (AP Photo/FBI, File)Well in that breakdown, only two were convicted terrorists and eight were merely alleged to be terrorists, on Friday.  And as of today, we can add one more to the list of convicted terrorists: Anthony Hayne.  Here’s a picture of the terrorist on the right.

Today we learn that Mr. Hayne has pled guilty to the Cleveland bridge plot.  But hey, just because he is a convicted terrorist doesn’t mean he is a bad person!  Here, let’s allow his lawyer to explain:

"I don't think any of these guys intended harm to human beings," [Hayne’s Attorney, Michael] O'Shea said. "I think they just thought this was a way of making some sort of political statement. But I'm relatively confident none of these people had any desires to actually hurt anybody."

Of course in the same article we get further details of the bomb plot and bluntly it is a misnomer to call it a “bomb plot.”  The correct term is “attempted act of terrorism:”

The five were charged with plotting to bomb a bridge linking two wealthy Cleveland suburbs by placing what they thought were real explosives at the site and repeatedly trying to detonate them using text messages from cellphones, according to the FBI affidavit.

The FBI said the suspects bought the explosives — actually fake — from an undercover employee and put them at the base of a highway bridge over the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, about 15 miles south of downtown Cleveland.

After leaving the park, they tried to initiate the explosives using a text-message detonation code, and they called the person who provided the bombs to check the code when it failed, according to the FBI affidavit.

So they actually placed what they thought was a bomb on the bridge and then tried to detonate it, according to the FBI, but Hayne’s lawyer has the nerve to say that his client didn’t desire to hurt anyone.  Well, then that is a confession that his client is one of the dumbest people alive, because no reasonable person would think that destroying a bridge would be a safe act.  And since the law presumes you intended to bring about the obvious consequences of your actions, these men should also be charged with attempted murder on the state level, among other charges.

And for the love of God, please charge these guys on the state level.  That way if the Feds completely drop the ball in terms of justice, you will have a second chance in the state courts to get it right.

And finally, the next time the media rushes to blame an act of violence on the Tea Party, you can remember Occupy’s ties to domestic terrorism—with now three convicted and seven accused domestic terrorists so far.  To be blunt, you are more likely to be blown up by a member of Occupy than the Tea Party.

Now that all being said, remember that the other four men allegedly involved in this attempted terrorism are innocent until proven guilty.  Admittedly that is complicated by the fact that Mr. Hayne has pled guilty to a plot involving the other four, but in fairness they are still innocent until proven guilty.


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  1. I don't see in any of the articles what time it was when they tried to blow it up. I'd say their defense is an accurate statement if it was done late at night, they took steps to verify the bridge was empty at the time and no one was underneath it, and they were prepared after the explosions to block traffic so that no one drove off the wreckage. In that case I'd say they didn't explicitly try to hurt anyone.

    It still wouldn't really be a valid defense, though, just an accurate one.