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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Our Modern Edward R. Murrow, Thrown Under the Bus(t) by White House

So last week White House Communications Director Dan Pfiefer wrote a post on the official White House Blog (assuming these people write their own posts at all) supposedly correcting Charles Krauthammer and others’ claim that the Obama administration returned a bust of Winston Churchill at the beginning of his presidency.  This included lines like this:

Lately, there’s been a rumor swirling around about the current location of the bust of Winston Churchill. Some have claimed that President Obama removed the bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office and sent it back to the British Embassy.

Now, normally we wouldn’t address a rumor that’s so patently false, but just this morning the Washington Post’s Charles Krauthammer repeated this ridiculous claim in his column.  He said President Obama “started his Presidency by returning to the British Embassy the bust of Winston Churchill that had graced the Oval Office.”

This is 100% false. The bust still in the White House. In the Residence. Outside the Treaty Room. 

Well, I first learned of that post, when I saw Keith Olbermann tweet this out:

Remember that bust of Churchill POTUS sent back to England? He didn't. He moved it nearer to his bedroom. … #tcot

He then went on to taunt and insult other journalists on the right, writing this for example:

So would the idea that the Cold War was won not by Reagan but by a Polish Union :) RT @bradstinks Don't tell @DLoesch It will ruin her day.

Which if you unpack that, it means that @bradstinks wrote “Don’t tell @DLoesch,”—who is Breitbart journalist Dana Loesch—“It will ruin her day.”  Olberman, quoting that tweet (“retweeting it”) then makes the bizarre joke that a Polish Union stopped the Soviets, which is just amazing ahistorical claptrap.

And he also tweeted this out:

1973 RT @SAR221977 @KeithOlbermann At what point does Conservative & journalist become oxymorons?

So this is @SAR221977 making the joke that “Conservative journalist” is an oxymoron and Olbermann quoting it—again the twitter term is retweeting it—and making a comment.  Now to be fair, it is very common to say “retweet does not equal endorsement” and that is certainly true in my case.  I retweet for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes it’s something I agree with, find funny, etc.  Sometimes I do it because it had an interesting link I wanted to read later.  Sometimes I do it because it’s makes an interesting point I might or might not agree with.  And sometimes I do it to highlight stupid, bigoted or otherwise wrong-headed behavior, often to give my followers some context when I reply to that person.  So yes, retweeting doesn’t automatically equal endorsement.  But in this case, it plainly does.

And yes, he is talking about this White House blog post, given that the tweet he was retweeting was in response to his tweet touting that post.

All of which seemed to just be premature.  So I tweeted in reply to Olbermann:

wow, investigative journalism @ it's finest... Reading the WH website and not checking at all... @KeithOlbermann

In that same tweet I included a screenshot of Olbermann’s tweet passing on the White House blog link and treating its claims as fact.  Olbermann never responded to that tweet but it’s plain that he saw it, responding when another twitterer compared Olbermann to Lenin’s useful idiots, Olbermann mentioning both of us to claim bizarrely that we were “bowing” to the USSR.

Next on Sunday, Krauthammer published a rebuttal to Pfeiffer post, doing his usual excellent job demolishing Pfeiffer’s post, which you can read here.  After that on Twitter Pfeiffer actually doubled down, and without either linking to Krauthammer’s excellent post or even informing Krauthammer that he was in essence calling him a liar, for which I called him out on Twitter.

And then finally we learn...  that Pfeiffer admitted he was wrong and apologized.  We even get this gracious acceptance from Krauthammer:

So will our modern Edward R. Murrow also issue an apology, for being a fool enough to denounce conservatives for getting their facts wrong, because a politician’s spokespersons said so?  Will he even admit that sometimes conservatives can be good journalists?

Right, and next you will tell me that we found the WMDs in Iraq that everyone said Bush was lying about, and what are the chances of that?

(Joking aside, do click on that last link.  It's a must-read.)


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  1. At what point do the terms "liberal" and "accurate" become oxymorons?

  2. Sorry, I meant "did" not "do" in that previous comment...

  3. Olbermann's still alive? I heard that he died when he got got up in that Harry Reid pedarest ring...

  4. At what point does Liberal & journalist equal oxygen-stealing moron?

  5. anon: remember the #HarryReidisaPedarast thing is strictly a rumor, although he or his office still won't deny it and prove it wrong ...

    what are they hiding?