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Friday, November 2, 2012

The Closing Argument Part I: The Charts

I have been thinking of writing a closing argument on Barack Obama’s presidency, but I have been more pressed for time than I would like.  But I thought I could take a few minutes to give to you, dear reader, what I consider to be the devastating, charts that demonstrate that Obama has to go.  Each of them I consider to be objective and brutal evidence of the incompetency of this administration.  Hopefully this will be the first in a series of posts.

First, the actual and projected unemployment rate:

As you can see, it shows you how Obama said it would be if we passed the stimulus, how bad he claimed it would be without the stimulus, and the actual reality which is worse than both.  There are only two explanations for that chart.  The first explanation is that he stinks at predictions.  The second is that he actually made things worse.

And either way it means he needs to be replaced.  Either he is given to spending massive amounts of our money without actually knowing if it will do any good, or his “help” actually hurts us.  Either way, it is time for a new captain.

The second chart talks about our deficit:

Bear in mind this is not the debt.  We will talk in one moment about the debt, not how much we owe.  This is the deficit.  That is the rate of increase of our debt.  When Obama brags about having cut the deficit, or promises that he will cut the deficit, he is not promising to reduce the debt, how much we owe, but he is instead speaking of a reduction in the rate of increase of the debt.  That is a very different thing,.

(By the way, it is much easier to cut the deficit after one explodes it the year before.  Which makes Obama self-congratulations on reducing the deficit--that is reducing the rate of increase of our debt--all the less impressive.)

And speaking of the debt, this is the most recent chart I can get on that:


As you can see Obama has increased our debt faster than any President in American History.  And remember that we went into debt in order to generate jobs that were not generated.

And how bad is this?  So bad that Obama said that Bush was unpatriotic for having increased the debt by $4 Trillion in eight years.

Obama has increased the debt by $6 Trillion in four years.  At this rate, we will be $22 Trillion in debt by the end of a second Obama term.

It is stunning for Obama to complain that it is actually unpatriotic of Bush to do exactly what Barack Obama later did, only worse.  Are we to conclude that Obama then did this country deliberate harm?

I suppose you could argue that he is merely a craven politician, attacking a person for doing something he doesn’t actually have any moral problem with, but when the best you can say is that a politician is corrupt, this is not winning.

And next we have these devastating charts talking about employment.  As we can see Obama is indeed a historic president...

And bear in mind, our unemployment rate is a measure of those who are 1) actively looking for a job, and 2) cannot find one.  So there are two ways to reduce the unemployment rate.  You can either produce more jobs, or you can have people give up looking for them.

Which is why labor participation rate is important.  Here’s a chart on that:

And perhaps as an explanation for our anemic numbers, look at this chart showing how dramatically job creation numbers dropped off when Obamacare was passed.

Correlation is not necessarily causation, but you do have to wonder.

And the result?  The worst recovery since 1948:

The charts tell a very damning tale.  Print them out, read them, share them.  You’d be surprised about how many people are ignorant of the tales they tell.  And remember them when you go to vote.


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