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Friday, January 11, 2013

Aaron Walker v. Gavon Aronsen, Round 2!

So earlier today, I took apart a Mother Jones article by Gavon Aronsen saying it was like totally bogus to bring up Hitler when talking about gun control.  I particularly thought the part when he let an academic claim it was good for the Jews not to have guns was particularly lame.

And as is often the case, if someone writes a particularly lame article and they happen to have a twitter account, I let them know in a kind and respectful way:

Okay, okay, I heckle them.  So it started with me having a lot of fun at his expense.

Eh, "germany" not "german."

And for once the target of the hecking responded!  Let the fun begin.

That’s of course not a point he made in the article.  So we had a less interesting back and forth asking when he said it was debatable.  The answer was here:

Okay, so then I asked:

Which is getting things exactly backwards.  I have felt that acting by executive fiat, and taking guns away was Hitler-like, or more precisely standard operating procedure for all dictators.  And then when Biden suggested Obama was thinking of doing exactly that, I applied my pre-formed principles to the present (albeit only suspected right now) facts.  And believe you me, if George W. Bush had done this, I would have said the same thing about him too.

So I wasn’t going to let this sit:

Okay, so I had a dyslexic moment on the spelling of “immediate.” 

So I was calling him out on the first part of the article, citing Alex Jones.  Was it my imagination that he was trying to tar the whole right with that?  Well, first he denies it:

Now up until now in this piece I have strictly stayed in chronological order, but I think it is worthwhile to go and follow this specific thread of conversation.  So my first response to that was:

Infowars is Alex Jones’ paranoid den.  I don’t know if that is true (I saw him do it once, that’s it), but assuming it was true...

Yeah, right.  And his excuse for needing a news peg was bogus too:

So we will come back to that in a bit, but I think it was pretty clear that he pretty much admitted to what I accused him of, that he was trying to smear the whole right as being like Alex “Nutball” Jones.

But let’s backtrack to that “paranoid” comment.

They really need to make it possible to correct your spelling in a tweet.

And of course you know I can’t let his claim I am trolling him pass:

Okay, I admit it.  I have used that line before.  Because it is a good line.  To believe regular people can’t be trusted with a gun is pretty paranoid.

Why do I get the feeling he didn't even read the link?

So what are we left with?  Well, originally his thesis was that “Of course, attempts to equate gun control with fascism are bogus.”  Now he admits a key component of that argument—that taking guns from Jews paved the way for the holocaust—was a debatable point.  You can judge for yourself who got the better of that “debate.”

And we have him essentially admitting to what I accused him of right in the beginning of my post on this: using Alex Jones to tar the right.

Combined that pretty significantly undermines his piece.


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