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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Against All Odds, The Story of Doxxing Gun Owners Gets Worse

As you know the Journal News chose to dox gun owners in several counties in New York.  I thought that the story reached rock bottom when we learned that convicts were using this to threaten prison guards, and one woman who had been the victim of stalking, who thought she had left her stalker behind, discovered that he had likely found her again using the map.  So how could the story get any worse?

The intentions of the Journal News’ editorial board in publishing a highly controversial “interactive gun map” are further occluded by an inconvenient fact.

According to Rockland County Clerk Paul Piperato, in Rockland County a large number of the names and addresses on the map are not even correct.

Piperato said, “I’d figure about 25 percent of the addresses are not accurate.”

He explained that when persons change their address or pass away it is supposed to be reported to the County Clerk’s office, but the county  has no means to vigorously enforce this regulation. Thus pistol permit and other permit registries are not reliably accurate as a source of addresses in Rockland.

So for instance, imagine a convict doesn’t like how his guard is treating him.  So he slips a note to one of his homies on the outside to murder the man.  And to find him, they use this database to locate his house.  So then the break in, kill everyone inside…  and we find out later that this isn’t even the right house.

Indeed, it erodes what little point there even was to publishing this data.  What’s the point of telling a person where the guns might or might not be?

Oh and if there was any question as to whether this was sleazy or not, bear in mind, Gawker has gotten in on the game, too, with the headline: “Here is a List of All the Assholes Who Own Guns in New York City.”  Pardon the language, but you have to really see it to get the full impact.  They sarcastically edited the headline later, but you get the idea.  You can read the Blaze coverage of the story here.  No, I won’t be linking to it or anything from Gawker, ever.

Right, so if a woman is being stalked by her ex-husband, if she changed her address, hid herself away from him, and purchased a gun in case he found her, she is an asshole who deserves to have her information plastered on the web so he can stalk her all over again.  If a black man feels the police doesn’t do enough to protect his family and his property, he is an asshole for wanting to do it himself.  And if a cop or a prison guard wants to be able to carry a gun off duty as well as on duty, to protect their family and their property with the same tools the protect our families and our property, well they're assholes, too, right?

Meanwhile they have metaphorically hung a sign on everyone else’s house telling criminals that there is no danger in robbing their homes: they don’t have guns.

Oh and for bonus points, the information is not even current.  It’s two years old.  So some of the people they are endangering did nothing to deserve it.

But then again, does any of this really shock people, coming from Gawker?  They are scum.  Irresponsible scum, with no sense of decency or boundaries.


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