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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WTF? Bill Clinton Wins Father of the Year?

So the National Father’s Day Council has declared Bill Clinton Father of the Year. Here’s some of their justification:

With the profound generosity, leadership and tireless dedication to both his public office and many philanthropic organizations, President Clinton exemplifies the attributes that we celebrate through the father of the year award.

Feel free to read the whole thing.  But I truly don’t get it.  Okay put aside politics, put aside his personal life, he doesn’t even have any dependent children?  Well, at least not that we know of.  I mean seriously, if they named Barack Obama father of the year I wouldn't bat an eyelash.  But Chelsea has left the nest years ago.  Shouldn’t a “father of the year” get the award by doing something at least somewhat fatherly?  Like it took me all of five seconds to find a much better example on google:

A man in Henrico rescued his step-daughter, trapped upstairs during a fire Monday morning. The Henrico family smelled smoke coming from their garage off Sholey Road, at about 1 a.m..

The young lady who lives in the apartment atop her parents garage says she tried to open the door, but it was very hot. Allyson asked that NBC12 not use her entire name. She escaped the apartment through a relatively small window.

"Luckily, I was small enough to get out of it," said Allyson.

Her stepfather, Brian Seebeck, rushed outside when he discovered the danger.

"I jumped up really quick, threw some pants on, not a shirt…The smoke was totally black. It was so hot from the fire inside," said Seebeck.

He grabbed a ladder, and quickly climbed to the top rung.

"My adrenalin was flowing. I would have ripped that window off to get her out, no matter what happened," said Seebeck.

I mean whatever you think of Clinton’s charity work and so on, that’s not a fatherly thing to do.  Any schmuck could have done it.  But saving your daughter—nay, your step-daughter—from a fire?  That is a fatherly thing to do.  That is love, folks.

And then let’s bring up that morality issue again.  First, am I the only person to suspect Chelsea is going to need years of therapy because of her father screwing everything that moved, including having an extremely public (and one sided) affair with a girl about the same age as her?  It would seem that traumatizing your own child that way should disqualify you from Father of the Year.  Second, does this organization want to risk the taint of a sudden revelation that he might have illegitimate children all over the place?  Indeed, isn’t getting this kind of award just the kind of thing that might annoy some woman he might be sleeping with (or do you think he has been faithful in the years since leaving office?), to cause a new scandal to come to light.  Hey if they are lucky, he might have a bimbo eruption right at the awards ceremony!

Seriously, what are they thinking?


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  1. So, he's a philanderer that uses his former president status to tie himself to charities and other organizations who just so happens to be a parent, so that qualifies him to be Father of the Year?

    Wow....can anyone's credibility get any lower?

    The narrative. It really sucks for America.