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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

SPLC: “There is no Exoneration” For Hate Speech That Leads to Violence (Video)

This is an update to an earlier post pointing out how Floyd Lee Corkins II, the man who shot up the Family Research Council, specifically said in his guilty plea today that he picked his target off of a “Hate Map” put up by the Southern Poverty Law Center.  I decided to make it a separate post because there was no good place to put it in the original, with its format.

The point of the last post was to point out how shabbily they had treated Sarah Palin when they speculated that Jared Loughner might have been motivated by a map with bull’s eyes on it, and to speculate if they are going to heap the same treatment on the SPLC now that they have been directly blamed in this shooting by the shooter himself.

To follow up on that story, I have called the SPLC looking for an official response to this story.  I left a message as of now haven’t heard back from them.  I have also been digging around in their archives.  We can see where they early on joined in the chorus of people blaming the right—but not Sarah Palin specifically—for shooting of Gabby Giffords (because Loughner was your typical right wing Marxist, apparently) and others (see here and here), and they present to us this video clip of their director of their Intelligence Project, Mark Potok, speaking with Keith Olbermann back when Olbermann worked for MSNBC and shortly after the Giffords shooting:

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The money quote comes at around 4:24 when they have this exchange:

OLBERMANN: If the person is indeed disturbed does that, in your view, exonerate those who put the crosshairs on Ms. Giffords, those who use language demonizing liberals or democrats, or just leaving the poli— the party out of it, people in office, incumbents, or does it simply underscore why such language no matter what direction it is pointed in is so ill advised.

POTOK: I think the latter.  I think there is no exoneration for the people talk about, you know who make these, who… make these kinds of falsehoods on the air and the public squares all over this country. The people who say it is not about healthcare it, its about the President wanting to kill your grandmother. You know, its not about immigration reform, its about a secret plot on the part of mexico to reconquer the southwestern united states.  And on and on and on.  While the people who make those statements obviously do not intend directly for people to be harmed or murdered, I think it is entirely natural that some people out there who are disturbed, you know actually act on these things.  Obviously that is a tiny sliver of those who hear these kinds of statements but we’ve reached a point, as the sheriff suggests where the vitriol is so white hot out there that some people who are disturbed go out there and commit these kinds of acts.

(I am cleaning up a lot of pauses, stuttering and “you knows” just to make it easier to read.  I do not believe I have altered the meaning in any respect.)

So there you have it.  On petard hoisted.  And needless to say, if I get that call back from the SPLC, I will be sure to ask them about that quote.


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