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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What Weiner’s New Logo Says About His Psyche (Update: Twitchalanche and Loweralanche)

Update: I have a Twitchy Weiner... er, Twitchy post referencing me again.  Thanks!  And thanks to Becca Lower for the link.

Now first, dear reader, we are about to talk about what is going on in Anthony Weiner’s head.  This is going to involve some frank discussion about his sex life so...  be warned.  But I think I am going to get at a good point, here.

So yesterday we learned that Anthony Weiner has created a new twitter account.  Indeed we even had a Twitchy Weiner Twitchy post on Weiner’s new account.  And this prompted more than a few jokes by myself and others.  Okay, a lot of jokes.  But I find sometimes when you are riffing off something, you occasionally stumble on a deeper point.

One important piece in the second coming of Weiner, is his “Keys to the City” document.  You can read it all here, and it is mainly the usual liberal claptrap, but it’s designed to convince New Yorkers that Weiner is an “idea man.”  And I had some pointed commentary aimed at his proposal to make smokers pay for city health insurance.  You see, he is proposing that the city offer a “single payer” health insurance, and then to make smokers pay more for said insurance.

Of course that is done ordinarily by private insurance, but it becomes more sinister when it’s the government doing it, because it means that the government would collect all kinds of private data about you (which should raise privacy concerns), evaluate how your live your life and then change how much you pay for insurance based on those choices (which should raise a different kind of privacy concern).  And there are a lot of choices that might affect the cost of health care...

Like I said, I had a lot of fun with Weiner.  And a few typos.  Oh well.

If you don’t get the Ginger Lee reference, you might look up this old post at Patterico’s.  And underneath the humor, you can see there is a serious point.  Why is it that when it comes to privacy, it begins and ends with sex for liberals?  Privacy is supposed to be about allowing you to live your own life as long as you don’t hurt others, but to hear the left speak and more importantly to look at their policies, privacy only applies to sexual matters.  If there is a constitutional right to gay sex, there is a constitutional right to a large soda and a constitutional right to smoke.  I am sure gay liberals would never tolerate being charged more for government insurance for being gay, so why should people be charged more for being smokers?

So I dared to click a Weiner link and made a bunch of jokes with a substantive core against him.  And a bunch of jokes on his last name and his famous scandal, because let’s face it, the jokes are still funny.  But something leapt out at me when looking at his “Keys to the City” document:

That’s right, folks.  God help us, it’s a phallic tower in the middle of his logo.  And after several tweets mocking that, I noticed that is not the only phallic issue involved in that logo:

(“b4” = “before”)  And I don’t think you will see it very well, but that contains a link to this video:

Yes, “key” can have a phallic meaning as well.

And there is a deeper meaning to these jokes, as hinted at more directly at by this joke:

You see, Patterico, Lee Stranahan and I covered the Weinergate scandal pretty extensively a few years back.  So I read a great deal, including God help me, his cybersexing conversations with various women and a lot of commentary on it.

What was overwhelmingly obvious about the situation was that a lot of what drove Weiner’s behavior was a sense of inadequacy.  For instance, to this day this profile pic is on his old @repweiner twitter account:

He feels like a nerdy, ‘fro’ed kid in high school inside.  That is why he constantly sought the affirmation of women besides his wife.  I mean let’s remember something: he didn’t actually have sex with other women (as far as we know).  As Bill Maher pointed out in this very funny clip, mechanically speaking, it was masturbation not sex:

In other words, this was not women providing pleasure to him by their bodies.  Their bodies were often thousands of miles away.  This was their words providing him some kind of sexual gratification.  Alec Baldwin, in a rather pathetic defense of Weiner, managed to put his finger on it in the midst of it all:

For high functioning men like Weiner and other officials who have lived through such scandals, who are constantly on the go, that leaves one tried and true source of a reliable high. The affirmation that comes when someone lets you know they want to sleep with you. Or even cyber-sleep with you.

And if you force yourself to read some of those cybersex conversations, you will see they are filled with that need for affirmation, to be told by a woman that he is a stud, well-endowed, etc.  It gets gnarlier than that, but it don’t want to make this blog too explicit.  But it was apparently affirmation that got him excited.

Or even consider why he was sending direct messages to young girls.  Now I want to be clear.  I am not saying that Weiner ever did anything illegal with a young girl.  We just don’t know.  But when Patterico released the evidence that Weiner was sending direct messages to that young girl, Ace of Spades had an excellent analysis of what it meant.  But you have to understand his nomenclature a little bit.  Ace likened “pedophilic cybersex” to “murder” and then said there was another possibility, which he termed “manslaughter.”  Something not illegal, but still creepy:

And so here's a 17 year old. Likes to talk about sex publicly on Twitter. Pretty cute. Kind of girl you'd like if you were yourself 17 years old, and not a particularly handsome sort of 17 year old, but an awkward, skinny funny-looking kind of guy. Girl that that awkward, skinny, funny-looking 17 year old never could have gotten.

But now she says she "loves" him. And he does enjoy the validation of infatuated women.

Who doesn't?

But she's not a woman. She's a 17 year old girl. She is, for legal purposes, a child.

In the Manslaughter theory, he never says anything legally actionable in his private communications with her -- and yes, he seems to have had them. Rather, he just enjoys the crush-vibes he gets from her, flattered that a pretty young thing could be in "love" with a still-not-confident-and-mature boy-man like him.

Sure, he deflects away her serious protestations of love, but he doesn't say anything legally actionable. He just... enjoys the flattery of a pretty 17 year old who's in love with him.

Perfectly innocent.

Except it's not innocent. It's not innocent.

Because there is no one reading this right now who, if I were to suggest a similar scenario with an adult just seeking out their daughter's private attention, doing nothing actually illegal but just enjoying the fact the girl had a major league crush on him... well, there would be problems. Real problems.

You don't have to prove someone's a criminal to know he's a creep.

And indeed you should read the whole thing.  Politicians get into politics for a number of different reasons.  One of those sometimes is that without power they feel, well... impotent.  It’s about their psychological needs, rather than their belief they can actually help the community (which is the right reason to go into politics).  The problem with politicians like that is that if they are driven by their psychological needs to run for office, then when they get in office they act out in an unhealthy way.  Weiner is only one example of this.

Recently, Weiner has started his attempt at achieving resurrection with a fluff interview with the New York Times.  A hard news story might have asked him point blank for copies of those direct messages to that underage girl, but they didn’t bother with that.  Instead they tried to convince us that Weiner has changed:

But nearly everyone who cares about Weiner says that pugilistic political persona long ago bled into his personal life and made him “hard to take,” as his brother Jason puts it. “I wouldn’t stand for other people saying this about him, but there was definitely a douchiness about him that I just don’t really see anymore.” His family agrees that the post-scandal Weiner, the diaper-changing Weiner, is far more likable. “No one has been harder on him than he has been on himself,” Jason says. “I find that refreshing, because he was always — in his political career, and it was sort of overflowing into his personal life — this completely decisive, ‘this is the right thing because this is what I’m doing.’ It’s like this circular reasoning that was kind of hubristic. He doesn’t have that anymore. The irony is that it could make him a better politician.”

But if the underlying issue in the admittedly hilarious scandal that brought him down was a sense of ego that needed um... stroking by women who were not his wife, then the question is whether that he has gotten over that need.

Embedded image permalink

This logo would suggest he has not.


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