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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Official Response to Brett Kimberlin’s Latest Charges

As you might have heard, new harassment charges were filed against John Hoge* and I.  So this is my official response, below the fold, in video form:

I can’t tell you how little I take this seriously.  I spoke with the State’s Attorney a few weeks ago about the charges against Jay Elliott (which you should know by now were dropped unceremoniously).  They can’t stop the commissioner’s office from filing, but they know not to take Kimberlin even slightly seriously.  Indeed, one staffer was quoted as saying, “Not Brett Kimberlin again!” when he heard of the charges against Elliott.  I imagine they will say something similar tomorrow morning.  The charges will be gone in a week, two at the most.

The time period for the harassment is allegedly from January 1, 2012 to basically today.  Which is ludicrous in John’s case because he wasn’t on the case on January 1, 2012.  He started writing about Brett Kimberlin around May 25, 2012.  And we never met until the hearing on July 5, 2012.  As for me, he has already twice filed peace orders covering conduct covering much of the same time period and lost in both cases,  That will not help his case.

What this is, is the impotent gesture of a pedophile trying to intimidate those who are shining a light on his misconduct.  Just like Julia Scyphers, I suppose.  You see, I think deep down in his heart, he thinks his desire for pre-teen girls is normal.  I and others have spoken several times about this passage from an old article in the City Paper where his music was discussed, but it is worth revisiting again, in light of the established fact that he is a pedophile:

While tracks like “Life’s a Bitch (For a Government Snitch)” and “Who’s Next” (a song about unfounded sex crime accusations) have a definite edge to them, others, like “Waiting to Meet” and “Teen Dream” (both about having sex with teenage girls) are lacking in subtlety and tend to make one squirm. But this is exactly what Kimberlin wants.

“I say things a lot of people are afraid to say. Yeah, ‘Teen Dream’ is about fucking a teenage girl. Every guy who’s seen a good-looking teenage girl has thought about it. I’m talking about that lecherous quality that every man, though he won’t act on it, has.”

What these songs in fact represent is the effort of a pedophile to try to make his behavior seem more normal.  We know that pedophiles think of their desires as an “orientation” much like being gay (much to the chagrin of gay people who feel that the pedophiles are harming their movement).  The pedophiles think these are normal desires and the child is not actually harmed by having sexual relations.  So he was hoping to have a hit album that includes songs designed to make that taboo sound more normal, to move things a little closer to the day when we become “tolerant” and decide that sex between a forty year old and a ten year old is no more wrong than two dudes having sex.

Of course it is a fools dream.  In reality the “debate” about sex with underage children is best encapsulated by the ending moments of the classic episode of South Park dealing with NAMBLA, when a member of NAMBLA makes soaring speeches about freedom and tolerance, only for Kyle to say, “but dude, you have sex with children!” over and over again to shut him down.  (And if you wanted to watch it for yourself, for free, go here).

And I think one of the most telling parts of the revelations I presented yesterday was not just the fact he attempted to seduce a twelve year old girl, but the fact he apparently took “no” for an answer.  In his mind he’s a good guy who respects this girls right to “consent.”  In his mind a twelve year old is capable of making the decision of whether to have sexy with a creepy old man.  He rationalizes himself as the good guy, who just wants a loving relationship with underage girls, but all of it is “consensual.”

This is the real reason why, in his twisted mind, he is the good guy.  He just wants to find love... with really young girls.  And everyone who tried to stop his love are the bad guys, people who are intolerant of his “sexual orientation.”  He claimed Julia Scyphers was harassing him and she ended up dead with him as the lead suspect in a murder-for-hire scheme.  And John and I have helped expose the pedophilia he committed against T. Kimberlin just when he thought he was free and clear from what he did.  So he is lashing out, impotently.

Of course this conduct, while ineffectual, might not be without cost.  There is a statute that pertains to false charges and guess what?  Carroll County would have jurisdiction over it in the case of Mr. Hoge.  Would they be interested in prosecuting a man who filed false charges in an attempt to intimidate a local resident who exposed his pedophilia?

Just asking for a friend, you know.


* He is technically listed in the database as William, as is his real name.  John is one of his middle names.



I have accused some people, particularly Brett Kimberlin, of reprehensible conduct.  In some cases, the conduct is even criminal.  In all cases, the only justice I want is through the appropriate legal process—such as the criminal justice system.  I do not want to see vigilante violence against any person or any threat of such violence.  This kind of conduct is not only morally wrong, but it is counter-productive.

[Update: Please note that I have removed the first name of Ms. Kimberlin at her request and left only her first initial, “T.” She is, after all, a victim of sexual abuse and those kinds of reasonable requests will be honored.  While the moral right to privacy of rape victims is not absolute, it seems to be reasonably asserted here.]

In the particular case of Brett Kimberlin, I do not want you to even contact him.  Do not call him.  Do not write him a letter.  Do not write him an email.  Do not text-message him.  Do not engage in any kind of directed communication.  I say this in part because under Maryland law, that can quickly become harassment and I don’t want that to happen to him.

And for that matter, don’t go on his property.  Don’t sneak around and try to photograph him.  Frankly try not to even be within his field of vision.  Your behavior could quickly cross the line into harassment in that way too (not to mention trespass and other concerns).

And do not contact his organizations, either.  And most of all, leave his family alone.

The only exception to all that is that if you are reporting on this, there is of course nothing wrong with contacting him for things like his official response to any stories you might report.  And even then if he tells you to stop contacting him, obey that request.  That this is a key element in making out a harassment claim under Maryland law—that a person asks you to stop and you refuse.

And let me say something else.  In my heart of hearts, I don’t believe that any person supporting me has done any of the above.  But if any of you have, stop it, and if you haven’t don’t start.


  1. Typo: May 25, 2012, not 2013.

  2. One wonders what the commissioners office is smoking - or otherwise enjoying the benefits of receiving - to even make these filings. They are plainly frivolous, without probable cause on their face, and perjurous.