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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Global Warming Trapped in the Ice

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So tonight we sit in our houses shivering in record, I recall the fun I had over the last few months with a hapless scientist named Chris Turney.  Mr. Turney describes himself on his own website as follows: “I am an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow and Professor of Climate Change at the University of University of New South Wales.”  Their idea was to retrace the expedition of Australian explorer Douglas Mawson, so they could show how much Global Warming has changed the environment down there.

And by now, you might know about the comedy of errors that ensued.  First, their expedition was trapped in the ice.  You know, the ice that was supposed to have melted.  Then they sent ice breaker after ice breaker to rescue them, three in all, and they got stuck in the ice.  At one point the plan became to land a helicopter on the ice that they were stuck, at which time I found Mr. Turney on Twitter, and, I admit, had waaaay too much fun with him:

Fortunately all ended well, (though not before additional hilarity ensued) and it was just comedy and not tragedy, but yes, I think it is fair to hold it against the Global Warming movement in general.  After all, if Mr. Turney’s expedition had been successful and they found less ice than Mawson did, you know they would be holding it up as proof of how dangerous global warming is.  A documentary probably would have been produced, with ominous music playing as the narrator intones about the dangers of global warming.

And yes, it is another example of predictions not coming true.  Here’s Al Gore saying that the North Pole could be completely melted in five years, in 2008:

Well, we are there, now.  And a global warming expedition—in what is summer in the Southern hemisphere—got defeated by an unexpected amount of ice.  What could be a more profound example of the wrongness of the theory of global warming?

Indeed, this “polar vortex” thing everyone is talking about?  Today Time magazine blames it on global warming.  But in 1974, they were more plausibly blaming it on global cooling.

Hey, maybe despite all the bad predictions and bull we are damaging the environment.  But they are proposing that our freedoms be restricted and our economies harmed, and if they are going to ask that of us, they are going to have to produce much better proof than they have.


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  1. Funny point of the expedition crew. After much effort the passengers were evacuated to the Aurora Australis, Australian icebreaker, this ship is now nearing Casey station Antarctica. Meanwhile the Akademick Shokalskiy, expedition ship, has broken free of ice and is headed back to New Zealand. Assuming the expedition is riding back on the Aurora and not flying home once they land at Casey, they may have gotten home faster staying where they were. Note, the timing of the ship being freed was forecast with the help of Anthony Watts of "Watts Up With That" blog fame. The Shokalskiy was trapped due to a wind shit that firmed up the ice where the ship was and trapped it. They just had to wait for the wind to shift to get out and they did. According to reports the Captain knew the wind was shifted and they needed to leave quickly to avoid getting trapped but had to wait for expedition members to return from a on shore mission first. By the time they got back it was too late.