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Monday, November 17, 2014

BREAKING: Newly-Discovered Video of Obamacare’s Architect Looking Down on Average Voters (Update: Another Video)

Update: Jump to the end for a new video linking Obama to Gruber’s deceptions.

Another day, another Gruber video drops where he demonstrates what a complete snot he is.  As I said previously on #Grubergate, the man has a fundamental distaste for Democracy, and the #Grubergate chorus has gotten loud enough to force Obama to talk about it.  Via Hot Air:

When asked directly if he or his administration had, as Gruber insisted, intentionally misled the public and oversight organizations like the Congressional Budget Office when they crafted the Accordable Care Act, Obama’s reply was terse and direct. “No,” he said. “I did not.”

Obama was joined on Sunday by Health and Human Services Sec. Sylvia Burwell who appeared on Meet the Press to distance herself and the administration from Gruber.

“I have to start with how fundamentally I disagree with his comments about the bill and about the American people,” she began emphatically.

Do read the whole thing, but, dear reader, you are looking at the website of a Google ninja.  Just as the now-famous Rich Weinstein, a.k.a. @phillyrich1 went through publicly available videos and found the video that kicked off Grubergate, I have found another video previously available that also proves just how much the architect of Obamacare looks down on ordinary Americans, which I will share with you after the break.

Mind you, it is just audio, but the voice of the architect of Obamacare can be heard and his disdain for ordinary Americans can clearly be heard:

Of course, this would be a patented Aaron “Worthing” Walker head fake.  I kept saying the “architect of Obamacare,” making you think I was talking about Professor Gruber, but in fact I was talking about Obama himself.  And as usual, there is a point to my head fakes.  Obama may be distancing himself from Gruber’s disdain for the average American, but the evidence shows us overwhelmingly he shares it.  Besides the infamous “clinging to guns and religion” comment we have Obama saying Americans are too uninvolved to understand that we can just keep going deeper and deeper into debt.

The truth is that Obama agrees, in principle, with everything Gruber has said.  He fundamentally doesn’t believe in the essential wisdom of the American people, which is why he shoved Obamacare down our throats when the people clearly didn’t want it, and why he will probably shove some kind of amnesty down our throats after getting clubbed in the last election.  Because fundamentally, he sees himself like a parent forcing a child to eat his or her vegetables: sure, they object, but that is because they don’t know what is good for them.

So as much as Obama might try to distance himself from Gruber, it is plainly a feint: he agrees with him on every point.

Update: Can I call it or what?  I barely get done writing this post and I pop over to Hot Air to find... another video, this time Gruber saying explicitly that Obama was in on the deception.

In other words, for Obama opacity was a tremendous political advantage.  The #Grubergate scandal has officially reached Obama.  As W. James Antle III wrote:

For five years, Republicans have been searching for the perfect messenger to speak out against Obamacare.

They have finally found him. His name in Jonathan Gruber.

Indeed, it has gotten so bad that I am beginning to think that any day now we will reach the most ridiculous stage of any bad news for Democrats: when conspiracy theories start coming out of the woodwork.  See whenever reality becomes sufficiently awful for liberals, they tend to claim that the whole thing is a set up, and we are about there.  So expect soon for liberals to claim that Gruber was a plant, a mole, designed to worm his way into the creation of Obamacare and then blow it up at the right time.

(Never mind that the right time would have been several weeks before the election to create potentially a veto-proof majority in Congress (or at least get us close enough that a veto override would be in reach).  Because facts and logic are beside the point with conspiracy theories like this.)

So, when you start seeing that shoe drop, you’ll know you read it here, first.  Or maybe on my twitter feed.


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