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Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Ferguson Feel-Good Story of the Day

Seriously, if you are conservative like me, you are going to have a hard time not smiling over this.

So last Tuesday, Ferguson gas station owner Doug Merello was worried understandably that his store might be attacked by rioters or looters.  So did the National Guard come in to help?  Nope, the government didn’t help him.  So then a bunch of black people showed up with guns and...

…protected his store.  That’s right, a bunch of local residents of African American extraction decided to take up arms to protect a local business.

Oh, and did I mention Morello was white?  So we have racial harmony going here, we have regular citizens acting in the best tradition of the militiamen and women of the past, not depending on the government to save them, and certainly not letting the place get destroyed and asking the government to help them get back on their feet.

(That being said, I encourage private citizens to donate generously to help those whose stores were smashed.  I had a post on how you could help, here, and a new fundraiser for another victim of the riots can be found, here.  And I won’t begrudge any victims of the riots looking for government help, but why not make it unnecessary and lend a hand?)

But back to the story at hand, is there a way that this story could possibly make me happier?

Oh, right, the guns they used?  AR-15s, among other things.  You know that much maligned gun that the left thinks is only used by sociopaths.

This is your test...  if you are smiling, now, you are a conservative.

Seriously, at this point, the only way the story could make me smile bigger, is this guy was helping out, too:

Specifically the old cartoon Optimus, not the CGI one.
Joking aside, here’s a cut from Rueters:

At times, [de facto minuteman Derreck] Jordan and his friends were joined on Tuesday night by other men from the neighborhood, also armed. None of the men was getting paid to be there. They said they felt they owed it to Merello, who has employed many of them over the years and treats them with respect.

“He’s a nice dude, he’s helped us a lot,” said a 29-year-old who identified himself as R.J. He said he, like the other volunteers, had lived a short distance away from the store for most of his life.

He carried a Taurus 9mm pistol in his sweatpants and drew it out to show another customer, an older man at a pump who was brandishing a MAC-10 machine pistol.

Missouri allows the open carrying of firearms. State lawmakers recently passed a law overriding any local ordinance that banned the open carry of firearms by people who have concealed-weapons permits.

Read the whole thing.  The only fly in the ointment is when the government tried to “help”:

But they have also had a close brush with soldiers from the Missouri National Guard, who mistook them for looters, he said. The guardsmen, rifles raised, had handcuffed one man before Merello came outside the store to explain that the residents were trying to help, not hurt.

Which is awful and potentially even racist.  Seriously, if they were white dudes or Korean store owners, would they have hassled them?

But still, a great story and certain to make Shannon R. Watts and the other gun-grabbers cry.  This, my friends, is why we have a Second Amendment.


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