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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Evidence That Joe Biden Has a Serious Cognitive Problem

About a month ago on Twitter, I started a thread that I called in a tongue-in-cheek manner #Bidementia.  Here’s the tweet that started it:



The purpose of that thread was to gather strong evidence of a simple point: something is wrong with Joe Biden, mentally.  I have kept that up for well over a month, and intend to keep it up until at least election day, adding new information daily with only a few missed days.  But as I went on, I realized that the information I was presenting was chaotic and disorganized, because I couldn’t do things like go back and put information closer together that relates to each other.  So the purpose of this post is to organize that information, to give you a “cleaner” presentation of the same evidence.


Before I begin, let me set a few ground rules for how I am proceeding:


1.         I AM SPEAKING AS A LAY PERSON.  Although I used the term #Bidementia, alluding to dementia, I repeatedly said I was not making a diagnosis and I wasn’t qualified to make such a diagnosis.  I have no training in any medical field.


But lay people can see when something is seriously wrong with another person.  Any person who has cared for an elderly person can start to see when it is clear that they are not remembering something or they don’t know exactly where they are and what they are doing.  Indeed, as a lawyer, I have been required sometimes to determine when it was appropriate to refer a criminal defendant client of mine to psychological evaluation, possibly as a defense.  That requires me to make a lay assessment that this person has something wrong with him or her.


So, I might not know what exactly is wrong with Joe Biden, and you, dear reader, might not be qualified to guess, but ordinary people can look at the behavior of others and say “I think something is wrong with him or her.”  If that person is family, you try to get that person to a doctor qualified to treat him or her.  In the case of a presidential candidate, it means we need an independent cognitive examination, with the results disclosed to the public.


That, frankly, should have happened months ago with Joe Biden, but the media has failed to do its job.  A fair and honest media would have held his feet to the fire on this topic until he committed to such an independent analysis.  Therefore, I believe, frankly, that we have to reject Biden on principle.  We cannot take the risk that we will end up with fundamentally incompetent person in office.



2. MY TARGET AUDIENCE IS PERSUADABLE VOTERS.  I am hoping that this will be seen primarily by undecided voters, people leaning toward Biden, even people who feel pretty confident that they are voting for Biden—as long as those people are open to new information.  If you are a committed Trump voter, this is not for you.  At least not directly.  Instead, I would ask people who have committed to Trump to share this information with friends, family and neighbors who might be persuaded not to vote for Biden.



3. I WILL LIMIT MYSELF TO CLEAR CUT EVIDENCE.  Because the purpose of this discussion is to persuade, we need evidence that is, at the very least, hard to deny.  In most cases, I will be using video clips, so it will be a matter of believing what you see and hear.  However, in some cases, I will also use very credible reporting—meaning reporting I expect to be credible to anyone who leans left.


Finally, generally, I am not going to talk here about his history of racism.  So him telling a black man that if he doesn’t know to vote for him he ain’t black isn’t going to make it into this.  I am increasingly tempted to put that kind of information in another post or thread, but it doesn’t belong here.



4. WE SHOULD HAVE COMPASSION FOR BIDEN.  Further, while I often engage in humor, in the end the issue is actually sad.  I haven’t always agreed with Joe Biden—in fact, I rarely did.  But I never hated the man.  And seeing what time has done to him is simply sad.  I never wish harm on mere political opponents.  I always say that I pray that my political opponents have a long and healthy life, increased wisdom, and, failing that, an early retirement from politics or office.  In Biden’s case, he needs to retire.  He’s worked for a long time and he deserves to rest and unplug from politics.



5. I AM GOING TO AVOID ORDINARY GAFFES.  As long as I have been aware of Joe Biden, he has been a “gaffe machine.” So, he might ask a man to stand up only to realize belatedly he is in a wheelchair, but honestly, that could happen to any of us. He might mispronounce a word—who hasn’t done that?  And he often made what was known as Kinsley gaffes, defined as when a politician accidentally tells us what he or she thinks is the truth.  But what I pay attention to is instances where it suggests there is really something wrong with him.



6. FOLLOW HYPERLINKS FOR SOURCES, USUALLY VIDEO.  I was tempted to embed every video I link to, but, bluntly, I do not want to torture your computer.  I am going to embed the tweet videos hoping not to make your computer groan too much, because people might have trouble seeing tweet videos if they are not in Twitter.  The rest of the time, I am going to include hyperlinks in the text.


Also, please, if this post is too hard to read because it asks too much of your computer, reach out to me and let me know, preferably by twitter or parler.  I am happy to create a version that is more digestible.



So with those ground rules set, let’s dive in.




Several times, Joe Biden has forgotten the names of people he really shouldn’t ever forget.


Joe Biden has recently forgotten Mitt Romney’s name.  You know, the guy who ran against Obama in 2012, and was the only Republican to vote for Donald Trump’s removal.  Here Biden is forgetting Romeny’s name on October 12:



And here he is doing it again nine days later:



And I don’t want to get sidetracked, but he also says that there is no basis to believe that anyone in his family has profited off of the Biden name, apparently forgetting that his son admitted that this was true:



And, really, claiming that Hunter Biden got these sweetheart deals without any benefit from his family name never passed the laugh test.  I would have assumed it was true even without evidence just based on how the world works.


But if you thought it was bad that he forgot Mitt Romney’s name, then watch this video and you will see him forget Barrack Obama’s name.  Twice.  Mind you, you have to get through a few minutes of commentary to see both clips, but they are there.


So, he has forgotten Mitt Romney’s name, he has forgotten Barrack Obama’s name and he seems to have forgotten Donald Trump’s name, too.  First, we have him calling the president “John” and railing against him:



And then we have a more controversial example.  Here he seems to think the President is someone named George:



I pointed out at the time that we can’t assume he meant George W. Bush.  George H.W. Bush seems an equally likely possibility.  I mean, when old people get confused, they generally get confused about people and events in their own lifetime, and both Presidents Bush were in his lifetime, and would it shock anyone if an old man gets the two George Bushes confused?


I also joked that maybe he thought he was running against George Washington.


Now, very quickly the mainstream media leapt to Biden’s defense, which is why this example is more controversial than the others.  Here’s what Dave Weigel said:




First, the longer only adds the fact that Biden was talking to George Lopez, but the words don’t make any more sense if you imagine he was talking about Mr. Lopez.  I mean the line is “four more years of George, uh, George, he, uh, gonna find ourselves...”  So if we pretend he meant Lopez, he’s talking about “four more years of George Lopez.”


We are not voting next week on on whether George Lopez has a job, okay?


And certainly Jill Biden thought that Joe was trying to say Trump, because you can see her saying “Trump” under her breath as he struggles.


Dave Rubin makes a similar point to mine a different way:



And even with the defense, it is still video of Biden completely losing his train of thought on television.





For starters, Joe Biden has said that he is running for the senate, not the presidency.





That last example is from October 12, 2020.


It only gets stranger on this point.  On September 14, he said he was running for reelection to… something.



I mean, break that down for a moment.  Right now, he holds no public office.  His last public office was Vice President.  So, what is he seeking re-election to?


Does he think it is 2012 and he and Obama are running for re-election?


Or does he think he is already President and seeking a second term?


In the next clip, we see a similar problem:



Let’s break that down.  Biden talks about the “President and I,” proposing something that Donald Trump hasn’t proposed.  Honestly, I think the only way the clip makes sense is if he thinks somehow Obama is the president and he is still playing “wingman” to him.  But you can make up your own mind.  But certainly something is really off in Joe Biden’s mind.


The possibility that Joe Biden thinks he is currently Vice President is also suggested by this next video in which Joe Biden says he was Vice President during the Parkland school shooting.  The massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School occurred on February 14, 2018, two years after he left office.  Seriously, don’t gloss over the link.  Go watch it.  He is telling a whole story about what he remembers happening at that time when he was Vice President and the shooting occurred, despite the fact that it didn’t actually happen that way.  Is this a hallucinated memory?  I don’t know, and I can’t think of any explanation that makes me more likely to think he is qualified to be president.


Finally, we have an appearance Biden made in Nevada, where he said he was in Arizona, despite the fact that there is a flag next to him that says Nevada on it:



But, to be fair, his twitter account also seemed to get confused about where he was, too:



Now, that one is presented more as humor than a serious argument.  After all, I don’t think he writes very much of anything that appears on his twitter account.  But it is amusing, anyway.





Another issue is that keeps cropping up is that Biden often wildly overstates (and occasionally understates) numbers.  With all of this, it is usually useful to remember that there are currently approximately 330 million people living in America.  (I will occasionally call them Americans, even though many aren’t citizens.)


So for starters, Joe Biden promised to create 720 million new jobs for women.  Or is that a good thing?  There are about 160 million women in America.  So in order to fill those positions, the average woman will have to take about 4.5 jobs—and of course, many women are not able to work due to age or disability.


Well, in any case the issue is moot, because we are all dead, anyway.  I honestly don’t know how I am writing this, because according to Joe Biden, we have all died, some of us more than once.  For instance, according to Joe Biden 150 million Americans have died of gun violence.  So that leaves only 180 million people left after that carnage, give or take.


Now, briefly, you might have hoped that most of those people would have avoided dying of Covid.  And at first, we did.  Biden initially reported that that only 600K people had died of it in America:



(it was actually closer to 60K at that time.)


But the next month, I guess things took a dark turn, because in June he said that 120 million more Americans had died of Covid 19.  Indeed, he claimed that we had lost millions of lives and millions of jobs due to Covid:



So, we are down to only about 60 million Americans.  Oh, except later, he revised that number to 200 million Americans dead. 



And if you are keeping track that means that not only is every American dead, but somehow an additional 20 million people are also dead.  So maybe they were zombies who died again? Vampires? Maybe some holy water was involved as well as a member of the Belmont clan…


(That’s a joke about the game series Castlevania.  In other news, I am a nerd.)


Joking aside, the real number was closer to 200K on that date.


And putting aside my decision to put joking aside, I have good news: apparently it was less than that:



So previously, he said (accurately) that the death toll was around 220K (in a clip I am not showing you), so apparently about a hundred thousand previously dead people were resurrected?


He had a similar problem with military infected and dead, which was noticed by Sky News in Australia.


Indeed, really, Joe Biden can’t keep his numbers straight with Covid-19 at all:



Of course, he also has problems with other numbers, such as how much money he has made:



I mean, the tweet I’m quoting says Biden is lying, but my gut says he forgot—especially given the evidence that he might think he is currently Vice President that I provided above.  But you decide for yourself, dear reader.


Additionally, when Biden was on 60 Minutes, he also grossly underestimated the cost of his “free” college plan:



You can see more journalistic coverage, breaking down the issue, here.





There aren’t many clips on this topic, but things get pretty weird when it comes to Joe Biden and black women in the senate.


In our first clip, we go back to the fight over the nomination.  In one debate, there are a number of democrats on stage, but you really only have to know about two of them (besides Biden): Cory Booker and Kamala Harris.  Harris was destined to be Biden’s running mate, but at the time, she was running for the nomination as president.  So, it was more than a little weird when Joe Biden claimed that he had the endorsement of the only black woman ever elected to the senate.  If you watch the clip, you might pick up that there have in fact been two black women elected to the senate.  The first was Carol Moseley Braun and the second being Mrs. Harris.


As if that statement is not puzzling enough, we later see Joe Biden say that as President he would appoint the first black woman to the Senate—which is wrong for two reasons.  First, as we just mentioned there have already been two black women in the Senate.  Second, Presidents don’t appoint senators.


So, at one point he forgot Harris was a senator, and then he forgot there were any black women elected to the senate, despite the fact one ran against him and the other was involved in a prior gaffe?





The title of this category is a little tongue-and-cheek, but the issue is serious.  Two times, Joe Biden claimed to have had conversations or interactions that are impossible, because one of the participants were dead.


For instance, he has said that he worked with Deng Xiaoping on the Paris Climate Accord.  Except that agreement was first drafted in 2015 and agreed to in 2016.  And Deng died in 1997 (and promptly began to roast in Hell).


And while the first example had video, in this case I have reliable reporting that Biden said privately in May that former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is worried about Trump.  As in she was at the moment presently concerned about the man.


Except of course, she died in 2013.


My sources are both Fox News and the New York Times.  And really, if the New York Times reports anything negative about a democrat, it is usually true. 





Next up, we have just a bunch of instances where Joe Biden just forgets one thing after another.  For starters, in this clip Joe Biden forgets the Declaration of Independence.


I mean, I don’t knock him for adding the word “women” into it.  I only knock him for when he pretty much forgets the rest.


On another occasion, he mashed together the Declaration of Independence with the Constitution.  Please note that the title of the video and its description is wrong.  But then again, the guy who wrote that isn’t running for President.


Previously, I noted that he said he negotiated on the Paris Climate Accord with a dead man.  In this clip, he confuses that agreement with the Paris Peace Accords, which ended the Vietnam War.


Similarly, in this clip he confused Iran and Iraq, even while reading from notecards:



On another occasion, he forgets the word “mailbox”:



The next example requires a little context.  You see, over thirty years ago, Joe Biden falsely claimed he was the first in his family to go to college.  In September, he repeated the same claim.  Was he just habitually lying? Was he forgetting it wasn’t the truth?  I honestly don’t know.


Speaking of college, and the question of whether he is forgetful or lying… Biden claimed he “got started” at Delaware State University, a historically black university.  The university says he never went there.  So is he lying or confused?


I’ll remind you that he previously seemed to imagine conversations with dead people or otherwise impossible interactions with some detail, so…  who knows?


Next up, he forgets the term “main street lending” and the host has to prompt him:



Next up, Biden forgets the term “Biden-Bernie Manifesto”:



And after that, he forgets how long he has been alive:



Jesus, maybe he really thinks he is running against George Washington...


Next up, Biden is either lying, or he doesn’t remember what his own website says about the Green New Deal:



And for the record, as of this writing, it still says that the Green New Deal is a crucial framework.


For our next example, we don’t have video but we do have reliable reporting stating that he mixed up shootings that took place in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, and instead says they took place in Houston, Texas and somewhere in Michigan.


And in one particularly egregious example, he forgets how many grandkids he has:



Now, mind you, I give him a mulligan on forgetting the seventh kid.  As I understand it, there has been a paternity dispute between Hunter and the child’s mother. So maybe Joe Biden was omitting that child because he didn’t want to undermine his son’s legal case.  But there is no such excuse for leaving out the sixth grandchild.





This one is pretty simple: Joe Biden has trouble with facemasks.  Now, masks can be controversial with some.  I think they do some good but their advocates overestimate their effectiveness, but I am going to completely sidestep the issue by saying this: whatever value they have, they are almost completely defeated if you aren’t covering the nose.


In other words, there isn’t much point in wearing a mask if you aren’t doing it right.


And as I wrote this, I started noticing that Joe Biden was having problems with that.  For instance, there is no verbal gaffe in this clip, but watch how the mask constantly comes off Biden’s face, often exposing two nostrils:



And while there is no gaffe, this is one of many examples of Joe Biden dodging the question of whether he would engage in court-packing.


Now, the next video has something I would call a gaffe, where Joe Biden says that the reason he was able to stay home during the pandemic is because Black women were able to keep the grocery shelves stocked.  Go to roughly 1:41:00 in this video.  Previously, I said I wouldn’t bring up racism specifically, but at this point if he hasn’t figured out to be more careful, you have to wonder how much of a full deck he is playing with.


But the topic of this section is Mask Follies, and that’s the other point in showing you this video.  Watch Biden’s mask as he talks, constantly falling off the nose.


Similarly, in this clip Biden is getting confused between PPP and PPE, and that is also useful to the overarching point of this post.  But also notice that the mask is never over his nose:



And finally, oh my good God:



Again, there is no point in wearing a mask if you don’t do it properly.





The next examples involve instances when Joe Biden looks confused and/or is visibly struggling with what to say.


So, for instance, we have this statement made on the night Ginsburg died (may she rest in peace).  There was no gaffe I detected, but look how he goes from good moments to bad moments, sometimes struggling to speak, sometimes clinging to his notes like a life preserver in the middle of the ocean, and sometimes he actually sounds pretty sharp.



You see a similar phenomenon here, with Biden closing his eyes at one point as if struggling to concentrate:



I’ll let “Not the Bee” introduce this clip:



And while I don’t agree with all of the commentary provided by this tweeter (misuse of the word “treason” has become a real pet peeve for me), the video shows Biden just in a state of confusion, and even making a weird gaffe (“I will make an educator”):



Similarly, he gave kind of a “shouty” speech the other day, but what I want to highlight in the next two clips is his demeanor.  At time he seems to be mindlessly reading from the teleprompter, sometimes with little sense he even knows what words are coming out of his mouth.




I wrote at the time that these two clips are “some of the creepiest stuff I have posted.”  Truly a moment where the lights are on, but no one seems to be home.  I mean in the second one, he doesn’t even seem to realize how nonsensical it is to say “ace, rage or gender.”


We can see another example of Biden just seeming confused, here:



And in this clip, you can see him struggling to speak and actually wandering off camera.


God, this is probably the most depressing category here.


Send him home, America.  You will be doing him a favor.


Next up, in this clip and that clip, we see examples of Joe Biden losing his train of thought, as we do here:



And here:



During the first debate, Joe Biden says he doesn’t oppose the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, and then he says he’s against it.



I don’t have video of him saying he is against it during the debate, but I do have footage of him saying later on that it is unconstitutional for Trump to nominate and confirm Mrs. Barrett to the Supreme Court.  As a lawyer, I assure you this position is nonsense:



I mean, this is post is not going to get into the question of whether it is wise or fair play to confirm her, or if Merrick Garland deserved to be on the court, or at least deserved an up or down vote.  But there is no serious argument it is unconstitutional to confirm Barrett, and Joe Biden was once a lawyer.  He might still be a lawyer.  But you don’t forget something this basic, as a lawyer.  He should know better.  And the fact he doesn’t is further evidence of #Bidementia.





As I wrote my daily thread, I started noticing the issue of “lids.”  This is when the campaign officially announces that Joe Biden is not going to make any in-person appearances that day.  So, I was late to the issue, and probably didn’t catch all the times the Biden campaign did that, but here are the ones I did catch.



He also called one on September 24-25.


The Spectator reported that the September 24 lid was the ninth that month.


Then he called one on September 26.


This person attempted to track the lids as of that date:



Another lid on September 28:



October 4:



October 14:



On October 18 (a Sunday), we learned that he called a lid until the next Thursday (the last debate).



On October 25, nine days to go before the election, the Joe Biden Twitter account said the following:



Now, as I said above, I don’t believe that Joe Biden writes those tweets, but I do think it still highlights how weird it was that he called a lid within a few hours, nine days before the election:



Bluntly, I don’t think any major presidential candidate has done this, since Presidential candidates started to personally campaign for the Presidency (prior to Wilson, it was seen as “unseemly” to actually run to be president, so campaigning was usually left to surrogates, with only a handful of exceptions).


And really, the overall point here is this.  Anyone who has dealt with elderly people who are losing their faculties knows that they have good days and bad days.  So think for a moment about all of the other entries.  Every other time we catch Joe Biden on video forgetting Barack Obama’s name, or how many grandchildren he has, or telling us we have all died (but at least women have a lot of job opportunities)…?


Those are the good days.


Those are the days when, as he got ready to go out the door, his campaign looked at him and said, “yeah, he will make a good impression on voters.”


And if those are the good days, what are the bad days like?  How bad is he when they decide they can’t let him out the door?





In my mega-thread, I treated the final debate differently than a lot of the other material, and I think I will treat it the same here.


Now, one thing I should say is that during the first debate, we didn’t have a serious outbreak of #Bidementia.  I noted one weirdness, but he was mostly fine.  I mentioned above how elderly people who are losing their faculties often have good and bad days and the first debate was a pretty good day in that respect.


And the final debate was a pretty bad day in this respect.  I mean, he didn’t start clucking like a chicken and calling Trump Napoleon, but I do think he was showing signs of mental difficulty.  There aren’t many short, punchy video clips I can show you or link to.  But let me show you how I dealt with the debate and you decide for yourself:























So, that wraps up the debate, let’s get to the next category.





This category is for items that I haven’t really categorized.


Now, one thing I have shied away from is diagnosis.  You know, because I am not qualified.  But my friend Ali Alexander (also not a doctor decided) that he wanted to put out a hypothesis: Parkinson’s disease.  Now, I’m not saying he’s definitely right.  He’s not even saying that.  But he gathered a lot of evidence on that topic.  So, check out the website, and this video, and consider for yourself.  It included a lot of information I had previously missed.


On the other hand, this guy is a doctor and, while he has not purported to diagnose Biden, either, he agrees with my bottom line: something is seriously wrong with the man.



For the next item, this is actually pretty funny:



And less funny is this clip where Biden says that the police should shoot people who are charging them in the leg:



Pretty much 90% of gun owners had a heart attack listening to this, knowing that this advice is likely to get people killed.  And if you don’t know, I’ll let this expert explain, but the short version is that if you have to shoot, you aim for what we call center mass—essentially the middle of the chest.  Why?  Because your appendages (including your head move around a lot more), and because it is bigger target.


Next up, we see Joe Biden tell us he has an extensive voter fraud organization:



Now, I don’t think this is a confession as some have said.  I assume he meant “anti-fraud” but #Bidementia took over.


But at the same time, you know how the secret service will investigate any statement about killing the president?  Like you can tell an obvious joke about killing the president and, if they get wind of it, they will knock on your door.  The attitude is that they never want to risk overlooking something and taking a rigid approach insulates them from the claim that they are applying this law unevenly (if they apply the law unevenly, the courts might refuse to allow them to enforce it at all under the First Amendment).


Well, I think this is how we should treat election fraud.  Investigate everything.  Take every statement seriously.  Have no sense of humor.


For the final two examples, we first have Jill Biden on camera, and then Joe saying “I’m Joe Biden’s husband.”  Oy.


And if that is not cringy enough, here’s Joe Biden talking about Kamala Harris’s “wife.”








One question a reasonable person might ask is, “do the liberals know any of this?”  And the answer seems to be “yes.”  First, every time the Biden campaign calls a “lid” on campaign events, especially when they do it this excessively, it is a silent confession that they know it is better to hide their candidate than to risk sending him out there.


And there is another piece of evidence that his campaign is aware of Biden’s mental problems and they are aware that many other people are aware.


When the latest news over Hunter Biden first started to break, there was the allegation that Hunter Biden arranged for Joe Biden to meet with a Mr. Pozharskyi.  And the Biden campaign didn’t deny it so much as say “it was not on his schedule.”



The implicit message, it seems, is that even if Joe Biden denied it happened, no one would believe his memory is good enough to rule it out.  This intuition was strengthened later when they acknowledged maybe it did happen after all:



And, incidentally, someone dug up a photo of the two men together, found on some foreign embassy’s website.  But whether the story is true or not is not the point: the fact that the Biden campaign didn’t dare attempt to rely on its candidate’s memory is.


Additionally, look at this negotiation over the rules of the first debate:



No drug test?  Constant breaks?  Huh.


Further, during one of the debates Julian Castro asked Biden if he had just forgotten what he said.  By the crowd’s reaction you knew they understood what he was getting at.


Likewise, with this media interview, we see evidence that the press knows something is wrong.  I mean there is also the matter of Joe Biden claiming that his presidential campaign will stop deportations despite the fact that mere campaigns do not have that kind of power.  But let’s focus on the question that Mr. Elliott is asking:



It sure as hell looks like he was reading something, maybe a teleprompter or something like that and got lost.  The reporter involved in that interview should have explained who he was talking to and, if necessary, release unedited footage.  But, to the best of my knowledge we have never heard such an explanation.


Of course, this is not the only reporter covering for the former Vice President.  Here is Jake Tapper pretending that there is no evidence that Biden has a mental problem (beyond stuttering, which explains none of this evidence):



However, one reporter did think there was enough of a question to ask Joe Biden if he would be willing to take a cognitive test.  His answer was to snap at him for it.


So hopefully so far you are starting to see that there is something deeply wrong with the former Vice President, calling into question whether he is competent seven days a week.




And, so far I have relied on hard-to-deny evidence.  Now, I am going to engage in what can only be described as debatable speculation and “wargaming.”  This might be less persuasive, but I ask you to consider what I am saying.




So, you might ask yourself reasonably, “surely, the democrats can’t expect an incompetent to be president?  If there was something really wrong with him, they would have done something.”


Let’s assume for the sake of argument, that I am right.  That Joe Biden is, at least at times, dangerously incompetent.  Let’s assume that they realize he can’t really be president.  What could they have done?


Well, the first thing they could have done was stop him at the convention.  It would have been the most honest way to handle the circumstance.  They could have said to their party, “look, we have a problem.  The guy with the votes needed to get the nomination just isn’t up to the job.  So, at the convention we are going to vote on a new candidate.”


But then you have to ask: what would have happened if they did that?  And I think the clear answer is that Bernie Sanders would have been the nominee.  And even if you don’t agree, certainly the fear in the democratic party would be that he would win and it would be a disaster for their side.


So, what could they do instead?


Well, the simple answer is to hope they could get through election day without anyone realizing that something is seriously wrong with Joe Biden and then remove him shortly after he is inaugurated.  And how “shortly” after inauguration that would be might be determined in a few ways.


One approach is let him stay in for a month or two and then they declare that his health has deteriorated and, gosh, Harris will just have to step in as President.


Or they might tell us sometime after the electoral college makes its choice but before the inauguration that he had a turn for the worst and that he would be removed within minutes of being sworn in.


Could that be the plan?  Well, consider the proposal Nancy Pelosi had a few weeks ago to create a commission to evaluate fitness under the 25th Amendment.  You can read the transcript of the press conference where she announced it, here.


Now, let me start with something basic.  The devil’s in the details, but this is not unconstitutional.  The way Section 4 of the 25th Amendment works is this.  It sets up a default method of removing the president when he or she is disabled by requiring the vice president and the majority of the “principal officers of the executive departments” to sign off.  But that’s just the default procedure.  The amendment also explicitly says that the executive officers can be replaced with any “such other body as Congress may by law provide.”  So it would still have to be a majority of this special commission, and it would still absolutely require the consent of the vice president, but assuming Pelosi’s proposed law meets those requirements, it is constitutional on its face.


But, why do this?  Well, let’s wargame this a little bit.


First, if Trump wins next Tuesday, I presume Pelosi’s proposal is dead on arrival.  Trump will not want to give power to remove him to any body that doesn’t count numerous people who are personally loyal to him.  Honestly, what president would?


So, its not for Trump.  Indeed, Pelosi said that she wants to create a process “for future presidents.”  And of course, Pelosi’s official line is that her party will win everything next week.


So, her target is Biden, but why would she need a special procedure to remove Biden?  Why wouldn’t the ordinary process be sufficient?


Well, think about it.  Here’s the text of the first paragraph of Section 4 of the 25th Amendment:


Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.


In the default constitutional method of removal requires that the current vice president and the current executive officers find the current president is unfit.  But when Joe Biden is inaugurated, does he even have a cabinet?  No, he will have to appoint one, and that could take months.  So, at the time he is inaugurated, who will have the power to remove him if necessary?


But, suppose Trump loses and Pelosi convinces Trump to sign on to creating this special commission.  Then this commission could evaluate Biden before he swears in.  Then they could swear Biden and Harris in, and within five minutes this commission could declare that Biden is unfit for office and, with Harris’ consent, remove him.  I mean, there are additional hoops to jump through in the rest of Section 4, but this would make Harris immediately acting president.


But are they really planning to do that?


There are some hints that this is the plan.  For instance, here is Harris talking about a Harris administration:



And as if that isn’t bad enough, here is Biden talking about a Harris-Biden administration:



Yes, it could be nothing.  It could all be a coincidence.  But it all fits, doesn’t it?


But would they show so little respect for the people?  Well, yes.  Do you remember when I mentioned how Joe Biden is dodging the issue of court packing?  That is the idea of adding seats to the Supreme Court as a way of forcibly creating a liberal majority when normally something that would take decades?


(And the biggest problem, of course, is that the moment conservatives are back in power, they are likely to pack it right back, until we have a supreme court of around 200 justices—all of which would fatally undermine the integrity of the judicial branch.)


For weeks Biden refused to take a position on court packing and then the press dogged him until he promised to form a committee to decide if he wants to push court packing and other questionable proposals.  Folks, that still isn’t an answer.  One week from the election and he won’t tell us if he plans to screw up one third of our government.


“But Aaron, you handsome and learned person, you,” I hear you ask, “surely the press wouldn’t go along with this crap, right?  They wouldn’t hide information from the American people that they deserve to know, right?”


Except they did exactly that with FDR.


FDR was significantly disabled because of a bout with polio and he basically couldn’t walk or stand without assistance and he successfully kept that fact from the American people throughout every presidential election.  He would sometimes be carried around by two close acquaintances (like his sons) Weekend-at-Bernie’s style.


And the press knew and they never told the people. 


Think about that.  Would FDR have become president if the average American knew he was disabled.  There is a good chance he wouldn’t.  And I have every bit of sympathy for the view that this would have been unjustified discrimination.


But the American people had the right to know.  Even if it invoked unfair prejudice, the people had a right to know.  (I mean, if even if you are not a fan of FDR [I’m not], his flaws cannot be traced to his disability, but rather his philosophy).  But the press didn’t tell us “for our own good.”


And likewise, I think the press is not telling us the truth about Joe Biden because they believe they know what is best for us.


Actually, I know they are doing this.  For instance, take Tara Reade.  She is the woman who has accused Joe Biden of sexual assault.  You may or may not believe her, and that is beside the point because he was considered so credible and her story was considered so newsworthy that she was interviewed by 60 Minutes.


But only the Australian version.  Seriously, go here and watch it.  Someone Down Under heard her story, interviewed her, and decided that what she said was important enough to inform a bunch of viewers who generally speaking, aren’t eligible to vote in America’s elections.  I mean how is this news the average Australian deserves to hear, but not something Americans deserve to know?


Well, obviously, because it will hurt Biden.


Lest you think this is an isolated incident, check out what the Washington Post said: “We must treat the Hunter Biden leaks as if they were a foreign intelligence operation — even if they probably aren’t.


Or look at the difference between how the Hunter Biden laptop story was treated from Trump’s alleged taxes by Silicon Valley.  Twitter and Facebook both shut down all links to the information on the theory that it might be hacked, apparently on the logic that they had not proven to Facebook and Twitter’s satisfaction that the information was obtained legally.  I am indeed not going to link to the NY Post’s article for fear of being blacklisted.  But if you read it, they explain the story: Hunter Biden brought his laptop in for a repair, and then forgot to retrieve it.  As per the repair agreement, after it was abandoned for 90 days, it became the property of the repair shop and so the owner then owned it and its contents.  (This is done to allow the shop owner to recover unpaid repair costs and to get rid of old equipment.)


(And for those who can’t believe Hunter Biden would do something that stupid, I will remind you that he is apparently a crackhead.  They are not known for their responsibility.)


By comparison, the New York Times published the alleged tax returns of Donald Trump (he’s denying they are genuine), and as for their explanation of how they got them, the Times stated that “All of the information The Times obtained was provided by sources with legal access to it.  Now, we lawyers know to look at what is not being said, as much as what is being said.  And in this case, what is not being said is “our sources had a legal right to disclose this information to us.”


I mean, to give a simple example, as a lawyer, I have legal access to all kinds of information about my clients.  But I often do not have the legal right to disclose it without their consent because of attorney-client privilege.


So, there is no guarantee that no laws were broken in getting the information to the Times, and yet social media did not censor any of it and the rest of the media determined to treat it like news rather than the possible product of a foreign intelligence operation.


So why were these two stories treated differently?  Because people are deciding you don’t deserve to hear information “for your own good.”


And that is wrong.  The basic principle of republicanism—not meaning the Republican Party, but the republican style of government—is that “supreme authority is derived from the people.  We the people are supposed to be in charge.  That means we have government by the consent of the governed and that consent has to be free and informed consent.  A press refusing to tell the people basic information about the candidates is not literally unconstitutional, but it violates the spirit of republicanism itself.


I have said it before, and I will say it again.  The Biden campaign is the greatest act of fraud ever attempted to be perpetrated on the American people.  And I think that is reason enough to reject it out of hand.  Tell our betters in the media and Silicon Valley that you will not reward an attempt to fool you.  Don’t vote for Biden.




Finally, dear reader, if you are convinced by this, please show all of this, to your friends.  Text or email them a link, or just show them on your computer or tablet.  You can show them my whole post, or take the information it gives and present it to those friends.


And don’t think people can’t be persuaded.  Let me show you another video:



Now, I think they made fun of the Biden supporter too much in that video but it illustrates an important point.  As I just outlined to you, the media is not telling you the truth about Biden.  The American version of 60 Minutes doesn’t tell you things that the Australian version does, to pick out one example.  I think some of us learn to plug in and find the information that the mainstream media doesn’t want us to learn, but others don’t.  This in the video gentleman had no idea that Biden said that.  When he was confronted with it, he confidently denied it and it was only when they played the video for him that he realized he had been misled.


And very often when you expose a person to the truth, they will say they reject it.  But, as our second President said “facts are stubborn things” and over time, it will get to them.  I mean we only have a week, but we will do what we can.  Scientists tell us that even when our conscious mind isn’t thinking about a problem, our subconscious is.  This is why sometimes you wake up in the morning and suddenly have a new way to approach a problem or why you might have your best ideas in the shower.  Because as you were asleep or as you concentrated on shampooing yourself, part of your mind was working it out.  So even in the face of immediate rejection don’t assume you have ultimately failed.


Because we are rational beings.  Oh, not perfectly rational, 100% of the time, but we are capable of weighing evidence and reaching the right conclusion.  The entire idea behind republicanism is that the people are more often right than wrong.  The people trying to manipulate us have forgotten that, but you should never lose faith.




In any case, my plan for the foreseeable future is to keep adding to the #Bidementia thread on a daily basis and maybe to integrate those new tweets into this thread.  And I am thinking of compiling that evidence that Joe Biden is racist, because it is very real and I have learned of even more.


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