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Friday, January 29, 2010


In my last post I said it was impossible for me to learn another language, and then put an asterisk with the word “impossible.”  That is because, well, that is a tiny bit of bullshit.  Let me tell you something about disabled culture.  Sometimes we use that word “impossible” when something is not literally impossible.  Like to give an example, a paraplegic, that is a man who can’t move his legs, might say it is impossible for him to climb stairs.  But that isn’t usually true.  Often they can drag their bodies up using just their arms.  What they really mean, then, is that it is so ridiculously difficult that whatever the reward is couldn’t possibly be worth it.

In that sense I meant it was impossible for me to learn a foreign language.  As in, it is so ridiculously difficult, it can’t be worth it.

Just to clear the air.  So I am not bullshitting you.  At least not for very long.