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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Court Case Rips the Veil Off the Misogyny of Forcing a Woman to Wear Veils

Often it is claimed that the Islamic veil, meaning the kind that actually covers most of the face of the woman, is actually a commitment by Muslim men to the soul of the woman, to her inner beauty.  Only by hiding what she really looks like, can the prospective husband see past her outer beauty and into her inner beauty, or so the argument goes.

Well, if you thought that, here’s the proof that it is crap.

A man in Dubai said that he had been misled about what his bride-to-be looked like.  And when he lifted the veil, he found she was not as pretty as hoped.

So he asked for the courts to give him an annulment.  And worst of all, they did.

So stick a stake in that one, that theory is dead.