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Monday, February 15, 2010

Good PR or a Deluded Mind at Work?

Okay let’s start by talking truth.  Hooters is barely removed from a strip club.  I say that with no malice whatsoever to its customers or owners, but yeah, even if their chicken is good, it’s not what draws in the customers.

So we have this clip from the show “Undercover Boss” where the CEO tells us they are all about respect, and he would want his daughters to work there.  And then he sees a local manager behaving like a pig and dresses him down.  Go ahead watch it.  I admit it is good TV.

But exit question.  Are we really supposed to believe this CEO’s routine?  He is shocked to see women degraded?  That he would actually want his little girls to work there, and get hit on by drunken customers, and be expected to dress in a way that emphasizes their, ahem, assets.

To tell the truth, I fully believe it is possible to be that deluded.  But I personally believe this is really a cynical attempt to soften his corporate image by making this narrative.  “Hey, I am all about respect.  So I am going to kick this guy’s ass and talk about my daughters, and hope you buy it.”  Can’t prove it, but it’s what I think.