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Monday, February 8, 2010

Two Thoughts on the Superbowl

First, congrats to New Orleans.  At first I thought the Colts were going to take you down, and then you rallied and came back.  Good for you.

Second, um, so you can see the two Tim Tebow ads, here.  Seriously, um, that’s it?  That’s what all of this fuss was over?  In fact, she doesn’t even talk about choosing life.  It’s “I love my son, and I almost lost him.”  Well, hey, I am really glad she loves him and that he survived, but I have a hard time even seeing the purpose of the ad, except for two possibilities.

First, maybe it is meant to funnel people to the focus on the family website.

Second, maybe the whole idea was to make the pro-abortion forces look ridiculous.  I mean I bluntly expected that the ad would at least ask people to choose life, but it doesn’t even do that.  So literally all the criticism about the ad was wrong.
Update: Wow, talk about seeing what isn’t there, dig this Associated Press article:

And a commercial by conservative Christian group Focus on the Family, perhaps the most anticipated ad of the night, hinted at a serious subject although it took a humorous tone too. Heisman winner Tim Tebow and his mother talk about her difficult pregnancy with him and how she was advised to end the pregnancy—implying an antiabortion message—but ended with Tebow tackling his mom and saying the family must be "tough."

The italicized stuff was literally not in the ad.  Go, look, see it for yourself.
But notice, this is a Brietbart link.  So, um, Brietbart, don’t you have a responsibility to fix this?  Just askin’.

(Hat tip: Hot Air and Powerline)